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How Many Fedoras did you see today?

Last Tuesday I saw a man with an awesome tan fedora with a great long hair finish, I said something to him about it but he had NO desire to talk to anyone (no problem, most of the time I don't either;)). Hat had a late 30's early 40's vibe.............

THEN on Thursday I was trolling a thrift shop when I ran across a man wearing another vintage fedora.
He WAS talkative....turns out it was Stetson Custom V, and was his grandfather's hat, and he has a picture of the two of them together from the mid fifties and he is wearing that hat.....and standing beside a 49 Mercury. Interestingly, he (the grandfather) aparently had it worked on at one point as it was sporting a 6 cord (which looked great). :)

A nice week of actually seeing other fedoras AND vintage ones at that.
Boston area
Let’s liven up this thread with a holiday theme. LIVE, in The Villages mega retirement community in Florida today… IMG_0942.jpeg
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