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How many suits do you own?

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Front Range, CO
After getting on this forum I've accumulated many vintage clothing items. I have a small closet. I am also married. We share a closet:D. The closet is quickly getting packed...but I keep finding nice vintage stuff and I don't know where I'm going to keep putting it.

I read a lot of posts here and noting how many times the conversation turns to a new suit purchase, I always get curious about how many suits folks here own. I also struggle with knowing how many suits to keep and how many to get rid of, so seeing where other FL'ers are at may give me some inspiration with the numbers.

So...since I've joined, my current wardrobe stands at:

4 overcoats
6-8 suits
6-8 sport coats
2 pairs of shoes
10 ties

So...how about you? How many suits do you have? Either in a collection or a rotation. Are they all in your closet, or somewhere else?


Practically Family
New Orleans, La.
6 suits
14 sportcoats
10 pairs of shoes
100+ ties

Wow, when you take stock like this it sounds like I need to downsize!


Call Me a Cab
Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England
buy another wardrobe that's what we did and I filled that one also!
I guess around 20 ties, 3 cravats, 5 silk-silk wool scarves
8 overcoats (a couple to trade sell)
14 suits(again a few to trade that don't quite fit)
14 sports coats (inc wool blazer, and a 1/2 Norfolk jacket)
loads of shirts at least 30 all 100% cotton or linen all with vintage style collars none of that modern spread horror in my house thank you kindly!
3 fedoras/trilbys
8 'newsboys'
2 berets
4 pair braces
3 pair leather gloves(one pair leather/cotton back driving gloves)
3 leather jackets
19 pairs of shoes/ boots(several pair of those to trade/sell)
only one sad and lonely handkerchief...mustget some more of those!
need some vintage sunglasses.
nearly forgot a couple of pairs of 1960's? argyle socks for when I get some breeks/ plus two's/fours.
most is 'vintage'/ pre 1970 or vintage style
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Flat Foot Floey

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I don't have that much.

7 vintage sportcoats or orphaned suit jackets
5 modern (or 70s does 30s) sportcoats
1 vintage suit
2 vintage overcoats
1 Ike jacket and some work shackets
Some tweed and some linen caps but no proper Fedora
Many ties but not as much as Gene ;)
Many shirts. The best are custom made or vintage

In the future I need some suits (bad luck with them) and better shoes. I never had vintage shoes...


I'll Lock Up
Little Istanbul, Berlin, Germany
5 vintage suits (of which two will be sold soon)
1 modern suit
5 vintage trousers
2 vintage sport coats/orphaned suit jackets
3 modern sport coats
2 60's/70's does the 30's sport coats
1 vintage overcoat
2 modern overcoats
1 Vintage Ike jacket
2 custom made newsboy caps (tweed/linen)
1 vintage linen newsboy cap
15 vintage fedoras

About two handful of ties. Not a single vintage shirt. No vintage shoes (truth be told, my shoe department is a rather dire place anyway).
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Call Me a Cab
Let's see... Not enough.

4 decent suits
1 Dinner Jacket
a couple odd jackets desperately in need of replacement.
5 or 6 contrasting waistcoats/vests.
Lots of ties
not quite as many bowties
4 knit ties (2 wool, 2 silk)
About a dozen identical white shirts.
A few pairs of slacks.

Oh, and one 30s pattern belt back linen suit in the works.


Familiar Face
Taking a quick look, I think I have:

2 suits
14 ties (of various types, I didn't check)
1, maybe 2 pairs of dress shoes
1 overcoat
1 trench coat
1 sport coat / non-suit jacket
1 vest

And they're all modern. I don't think I have any real vintage clothing, though some of my stuff is older than others. I've had the trench coat and maybe a few ties for quite a while, but the few fedora hats I have are fairly new. I don't really need to wear dress clothes that often, so I've got a somewhat limited selection for it. It's basically enough for my current needs though.


Familiar Face
For me, the discussion is always about "another hat?" and not another suit.

4 suits
18 ties
1 pair of dress shoes, 1 pair of loafers
1 overcoat
2 sportcoats
10 dress shirts

But I don't wear a suit to work, only on my days off. I think if I wore suits 5+ days a week, I would need more variety.


I'll Lock Up
Gads Hill, Ontario
2 x 3-pc suits (one more on the way) modern made vintage styling
x 2-pc suit (modern)
2 x sport jacket (modern)
2 x overcoat (modern)
10 ties (four vintage, six modern)
8 dress shirts (four modern vintage styling, two on the way, four modern)
No hat (yet)
three pairs of dress shoes, modern


Practically Family
The outer frontier
I should show my wife this thread; she might quit thinking I have too many clothes! My wardrobe is pretty sad compared to the gent's here on FL:
1 x 2 piece suit (started the process of having a new 3 piece made by Maxwell's Clothiers out of Hong Kong)
1 x orphaned suit jacket and waistcoat from a 3 piece (bit of a story behind that)
1 x orphaned suit jacket
1 x tweed sport coat
4 x waistcoat separates
6 x trousers, one pair that really doesn't fit and needs to go
10 x neckties (estimate, I'm not at home to count em)
1 x cravat/ascot
1 x silk puff tie
6x dress shirts (two have shrunk unfortunately and probably need to be replaced)
1 x trenchcoat
1 x black duster/oilskin
1 x brown leather jacket
3 x pair of shoes (1 brown, 2 black)
1 x black homburg
1 x blue trilby with grey check band
1 x straw hat from a mexican tourist shop

And then of course I have some jeans, tee shirts, shorts and casual shirts not really worth mentioning. Maybe when I get home I'll lay out my whole wardrobe on the bed and take a picture of it or something lol.
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DnD Ranch, Cherokee County, GA
Navy, navy pinstripe, grey, charcoal grey, grey pinstripe, grey colored pinstripe, black, olive = 8
I'm not counting up the blazers/sports coats but safely guess that I've got twice as many of those as I do suits.


One of the Regulars
Hightstown, N.J.
Being a large fellow both in hats (7 5/8) and suits (50R U.S.), finding vintage things my size is challenging (a big understatement!:frusty:). At least vintage ties fit me!

1 vintage DB suit
0 vintage fedoras
3 modern fedoras (2 Optimos and a Biltmore)
5 modern suits, 4 DB, 1 three button. They look much better when wearing a vintage tie
1 modern DB sport jacket
30+ vintage self-tie bow ties
over 100 vintage straight ties
everything else is modern

As my work situation changed (for the better) a little over a year ago, I now wear a suit at work about 60% of the time, otherwise my suit collection would be smaller.

Mr Vim

One Too Many
Juneau, Alaska
Let's see...

One modern suit, grey.
One suit from the early 60s... its a hard color to describe, blue/grey/black?
I have four suits from the 1940s all Double breasted,
one brown with red/blue pinstripe,
one dark gray with pinstripe,
one slate blue with red pinstripe
and then finally one solid navy blue.


Practically Family
8 overcoats (a couple to trade sell); 14 suits(again a few to trade that don't quite fit); 14 sports coats (inc wool blazer, and a 1/2 Norfolk jacket); 3 fedoras/trilbys; 8 'newsboys'; 2 berets; 3 pair leather gloves(one pair leather/cotton back driving gloves); 3 leather jackets
Though this is a thread primarily about suits, it's good to see the comparatively high ratio of outerwear (including headgear and gloves) to suits and odd jackets. After all, for much (possibly most) of the year in the UK, if you're properly dressed, the outer coat is the first thing seen by others – yet so many British men wear ridiculous outdoor-pursuits jackets over their business suits!
(would like to PM you on this - we've corresponded very amicably before).

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