How Much Jewelry Do You Wear?

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by C-dot, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. C-dot

    C-dot Call Me a Cab

    Toronto, Canada
    Ladies, how much jewelry do you wear on a daily basis?

    At all times, I wear:
    • On my right hand and wrist, a ring and two bracelets (One flat link, and one small charm bracelet with three charms.)
    • Around my neck, a silver pendant.
    • In my ears, small silver hoops in the main piercing, and tiny diamond studs in the others.
    I also have a third stud in one ear and one in my nostril, but those don't count. :) I can occasionally be found wearing a watch or another large bracelet on my left wrist, a large drop necklace, or changing my earrings up.

    But in terms of the permanent fixtures, some women I see wear more than I do, and some wear almost none at all. I'm interested to know how much you ladies wear!
  2. kamikat

    kamikat Call Me a Cab

    All I wear is my wedding ring. If it's a special occasion, I will wear a string of pearls.
  3. KittyAnneMalloo

    KittyAnneMalloo Familiar Face

    Country Vic, Australia
    I wear a string of pearls and pearl studs on an everyday basis, they just seem to go with everything! But if I'm going out or on the weekend I wear jewelery to match my outfit. I have been collecting heaps of bakelite and try to match a pair of bakelite earings to my dresses and if I have a matching bangle that goes on as well. Sometimes a brooch to but I NEED more of them LOL. My favourite necklace is a heart shaped pendant supposedly made from the windshield of a plane with a tiny p-38 aeroplane charm enbedded inside the heart!
  4. KittyAnneMalloo

    KittyAnneMalloo Familiar Face

    Country Vic, Australia
    Just wanted to add how much I love the way the beautiful Fleur de Guerre stacks her bangles on!! I have fat hands and need to use heaps of handcream to slide my bangles on and after I get one on my hand swells from all the pushing and twisting so I can only do one at a time (must cut back on the donuts) <3
  5. crwritt

    crwritt One Too Many

    Falmouth ME
    Almost always earrings, but different earrings each day, always my wedding ring, sometimes a bracelet, sometimes a necklace, sometimes both.Just depends on mood and outfit.
  6. zombi

    zombi A-List Customer

    Thoracic Park
    On a daily basis I always have on:

    - my grandmother's wedding ring & my engagement ring
    - a pair of plugs (my ears are stretched)
    - one pair of pearl studs (because I have a second set)
    - my Monroe piercing

    Nothing more on an absolutely daily basis. I often wear pins, brooches, or a necklace. Rarely will I wear bracelets or watches.
  7. Miss Golightly

    Miss Golightly Call Me a Cab

    Dublin, Ireland
    Every day I wear:

    My wedding ring
    My engagement ring
    My eternity ring

    A silver ring on my right hand
    A silver bangle
    A silver watch

    Silver earrings
    A silver necklace (depending on the neckline of my top)

    All of my jewellery were gifts from my lovely husband so they mean a lot to me.
  8. MissMeraRose

    MissMeraRose New in Town

    Central California
    As much as I love sparkle, I rarely wear jewelry. I just feel like I can't pull it off.
    In fact, my ears aren't even pierced.
  9. AuroraFisherman

    AuroraFisherman New in Town

    Stockholm, Sweden
    On a daily basis I wear earrings and sometimes a small chain around my left wrist, I work with heavy lifts so a ring can be a big danger to wear if my hand get sqeezed. (And I think I'm not supposed to wear the chain I wear now either as I destroyed the chain I were wearing just a coupple of months ago... )

    What I can't understand is why the men at work is waering their weddingrings when they perform the same work as me... Probbably they dont care if they loose a finger?[huh]
  10. Lenore

    Lenore Practically Family

    Houston, Texas
    My daily wear is a pair of small diamond studs that hubby got me for Valentine's day the first year he was home from Iraq, a flat silver pendant that was my first mother's day gift (says "maman, je t'aime") and my 5 year ring. It was given to me on my 5th anniversary by my mother in law, who was given it on her 5th anniversary by her mother in law. It was her's originally and she received it sometime in the late 30's from her husband.

    I have a lot of jewelry I wear, but usually it's just these three pieces.
  11. Babydoll

    Babydoll Call Me a Cab

    The Emerald City
    Daily basis I wear my white gold wedding band. I very rarely take it off. I take off my diamond engagement ring when I'm cooking, and sometimes forget to put it back on, so I sometimes go for half of a day without it. If I'm going out I will wear my sterling silver and garnet hoops (gift from mama-in-law) and my silver wrist watch. I have a bunch of other earrings and bracelets, but I don't wear them because I have a very curious toddler that will forcibly remove them from my person - sometimes painful! She's ripped a garnet hoop out of my ear before, so I've trained her to be careful with "mama's pretties". One day I'll give her the earrings.
  12. Amy Jeanne

    Amy Jeanne Call Me a Cab

    I wear my fake pearls when the outfit calls for it. Other than that, nothing. I was never a fan of jewelry. I don't even wear a wedding ring -- mostly because it makes my hand break out :( I have 10 piercing holes in my ears (it was the 80s!!!) and I NEVER wear earrings. Again -- my ears are on fire within 10 minutes and I have to take them out.
  13. LizzieMaine

    LizzieMaine Bartender

    One pair of earrings and my watch. I'll wear pearls if I'm in a suit, but anything loose or dangly is a no-no around the projection booth.
  14. LinaSofia

    LinaSofia A-List Customer

    Brighton, UK
    I love jewellery, and I'm building up quite a collection of vintage pieces! Apart from my engagement ring and my watch, I always wear earrings and a brooch, every day! And often bangles too. I'd feel very naked and 'unfinished' if I didn't wear earrings and a brooch.
    My two favourite types of vintage jewellery are 30s/40s bakelite and 20s/30s sterling silver with marcasites. I try to wear something different every day so I get to wear most of the pieces I have. My only problem is that I'm allergic to the metal clips on most of my vintage earrings except the sterling silver ones! :(
  15. Lady Day

    Lady Day I'll Lock Up Bartender

    Crummy town, USA
    Stone or wood ear plugs, always. Because my ears are stretched, I'd look scary without them. I will wear a brooch if the garment I'm wearing is sturdy enough to support one. A bracelet in the rarest of occasions because I hate the way they bang on counters and tables. I hate stuff on my fingers and around my neck.

  16. Drappa

    Drappa One Too Many

    Hampshire, UK
    Daily only my wedding band and ruby engagement ring. I love jewellery, but somehow never spend money on it. My taste has changed a lot, as I was a silver only girl and now prefer gold, so my choices are limited. I have a lovely unusual pearl bracelet and necklace I got for my wedding which I wear sometimes, as well as pearl and diamond earrings I got from my husband. I also have some pendants I love and used to wear daily, but they are gold plated and the silver was starting to show through, so I stopped wearing them every day.
    When I think of it I have a lot of earrings I wear to match different dresses, and I also love bracelets a lot. Half the time I run out of the house without anything though, or err on the side of wearing too little rather than too much.
    Oh, and I nearly forgot that for over ten years now I have a belly button piercing and the bar is gold and opal (my favourite stone). I was going to remove the piercing, but am quite attached to it because the opal bar was a gift from my husband.
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2011
  17. Everyday....
    On my left hand, I have on my watch from my mom, my aquamarine engagement ring and diamond wedding band. On my right, I have on my great grandmother's diamond ring. Around my neck is a diamond cross...... All of it in white gold.

    On special occasions....
    I wear a ruby and diamond necklace, diamond earrings and a watch with diamond bezel... all in gold and all from my mom.

    I suppose I'm pretty boring in the jewelry department [huh]
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  18. sheeplady

    sheeplady I'll Lock Up Bartender

    I wear a lot of jewerly when I go out of the house. I *love* costume jewerly, and except for my wedding rings, everything I own is costume. I actually prefer costume to the real stuff, I think it's just fascinating.

    If I am going to work or the store, I wear:
    my wedding rings (engagement and wedding band)
    a necklace (or broach at my neck)
    a pin or three on my lapel or sweater (if it is a button down)

    Sometimes I will wear other rings on my right hand.

    I also put pins on most of my hats and keep pins on my outer coats, sometimes I do a theme like "fall leaves" and have a few leaf pins on my hat and a few more on my coat. I often mix metals (silver colored, gold colored, and copper) when doing "scatter pins."

    Around here, no one wants costume jewerly, especially the tacky stuff (which I love!). I picked up a three pins, a set of earrings, and two necklaces for $7 at a goodwill shop today. I still think I need more though. ;)

    My engagement ring is vintage (1928- very "art deco") but my wedding band is new. I had my heart set on the engagement ring and it was in terrible shape. It took 4 jewelers before I could get someone willing to work on it (it was so badly damaged). The woman who worked on it said that it was damaged because it rubbed against a ring (perhaps the band?) that was a different metal from the engagement ring.

    Around the house, I don't wear anything. Unless it is a holiday- like halloween. (I also have holiday-specific jewerly.)
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  19. Bluebird Marsha

    Bluebird Marsha A-List Customer

    Nashville- well, close enough
    Always a ring, usually earrings and a brooch. I like bracelets, but they tend to catch on the totes I'm working on, and a necklace tends to clash with the company ID around my neck. :(

    I try and match the outfit. I have a rather large selection of jewelry. Or as my mother said after she helped me move, "Good lord, I had no idea you had so much stuff!"
  20. Miss Golightly

    Miss Golightly Call Me a Cab

    Dublin, Ireland
    I had heard that before - if rings rub together that are different metals they can ruin the rings so you have to keep them all the same. Great that your ring could be repaired - it sounds beautiful.

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