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If you like Banana Republic jeans, JACKPOT size 33/34 with 30/32 hem, for a good cause


Call Me a Cab
So this will probably be a long shot and more an exercise in faith, but I've got like 10+ pairs of mostly Banana Republic jeans, maybe a couple pairs of Levis and Abercrombie. 80% are slim cut and the rest some form of skinny (not quite elf pants though). Black, gray, every possible faded shade of blue. About half are size 33, other half size 34. Split between 30 and 32 length. Some "Legacy" line (thicker more selvage like denim), some "Traveller" or "Luxe Traveller" (lighter, little bit of stretch) and some misc blends I don't remember.

If you're around 5''8 to 6'2, 160-200 pounds, some of these are going to fit you perfect.

Everything purchased during those dark early covid sale days when I had nothing to do for weeks except go down endless rabbit holes and blow money on stuff I didn't need.

I realize these things don't carry much value, so I'm not going to spend a lot of time taking photos, measurements, etc. I guess this listing is meant for someone that knows their size in this brand and was about to buy a pair or 20 LOL. I haven't checked recently, but I'm pretty sure I bought most of them in the $60-90 range, so you'll get a good deal here. For the record, before I got into "fancier" jeans, I loved BR. Had pairs last for 5+ years, heavy use. Out of the mall brands, probably some of the best.

What I'm thinking is, if you tell me your size preference and colors, or just want to go nuts and leave it up to me, I'll cram as many as I can in a flat rate box, probably 4 pairs. Assuming you're CONUS - $100 for the 4 pairs. All proceeds will go to St. Judes Children Hospital. I figure I can do at least 2, maybe 3 of these batches.

All of them are in great shape, freshly washed. At most, maybe 5-10 wears around the house.

I'll give it a couple weeks and a few bumps. Whatever not sold I guess will go to a local shelter or church. But I got a soft spot for St. Judes, so would love to get them a few bucks.

I'll post a few pics in a bit just to get the juices flowing.


Call Me a Cab
ok, last bump. One happy customer already. Lets try and get another. If you a size 33 in "mall" type jeans, you getting a great deal and helping a great charity in the process. LMK, otherwise these are headed to local shelter next few days.

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