Ladies of the lounge and their mothers/grandmothers

Discussion in 'The Home Front Woman' started by zendy, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. fgradowski

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    Indiana, United States
    I don't think I look anything like my grammy, but I will share a few photos of her and my papa. Papa passed away when I was under 2 years old and grammy passed away this January. These are my father's parents. Oh, I stole these photos off of my cousin's Facebook page. She was showing how she fixed the scratches on these photos.
    grammy and papa.jpg
    grammy and papa 2.jpg
    And then there's me:
    anni face.jpg
    Not much resemblance.
  2. TheSacredFemme

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    Jolly England
    Thank you, ladies. I think I really needed to see everyone with their nans. My great grandmother just died a few months ago and reading this post allowed me to have a good cry about it all. It sounds silly, but I think I needed it.

    Here's a photo of my Oma on her nurse's pass from WWII. It was one of the first times if seen young, young, 1940s her.


    She raised me for the first 10 years of my life and I think here in this photo from the 90s of little me and her you can see the similarities.


    I do think I look a lot like one of my Oma's sisters daughters, all the way on the left in this photo.


    And here's little old me with the hubby for comparison. :)


    Thanks for reading!

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  3. sheeplady

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    I think you have your grandmother's eyes, SacredFemme. That part of your face is very similar.

    I am so sorry to hear of her passing, but I am happy that you have so many good memories, and that you shared some of your relationship with us through these pictures. :)
  4. MarieAnne

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    This is my maternal grandmother.
  5. Mojito

    Mojito One Too Many

    MarieAnne, it looks like you share features in common with your grandmother and - in particular from that angle - her smile!

    My paternal grandmother, who my aunt thinks I greatly resemble, particularly when we were adolescents (don't have a scanned photo from then):
    But there's also more than a touch of my maternal Nana too, I suspect - the lady who instilled in me my love of the 1920s:
  6. MissMorningGlory15

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    New York
    My paternal grandfather's father's mother in 1911 (at age 15, the same age I am now):

    My paternal grandfather's mother in 1920:

    My paternal grandfather's mother circa 1938:

    My paternal grandfather's mother 1943 with my grandfather:

    My paternal grandfather's parents 1940:

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