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Leather treatment and expectations


New in Town
Hi all

I've had this 30+ year old Aero HWM for just over a month now and although it's in, what I consider to be, excellent condition it's definitely got signs of age.
The yoke across the back has a lot of scuff marks/heavy patina but I'm more concerned with the edges of the seams. Nearly every seam has lost the top layer and is dry raw leather, particularly at the zip edges.
I like the aesthetic but I'm worried that these areas will be a weak point to further dry and maybe crack, especially as I've worn it more in the last month than it's been worn in over 20 years.
If I use a treatment should I focus purely on these areas or treat the whole jacket?
Will a treatment restore any of the colour? (I'm not bothered if it does or doesn't)
I've never treated any leather before so just looking for info from someone who has


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Daniel Veit

One of the Regulars
Just use a touch of urad. That will restore the protective top layer.
If you want to use it on the whole jacket, consider using a conditioner first if the jacket appears to be dry.

Marc mndt

I'll Lock Up
Beautiful, that's the kind of wear you want. Nothing to worry about but if you do want to use some product on it I'd give it a very thin coat of Obenaufs.

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