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    I've seen a few lipstick threads, but most are about finding that perfect shade of red, or lipstick cases. I'm once again on the quest for lipsticks that are truly matte. Every time I search for matte lipstick, I come up with semi-matte or "cream" matte -- which ends up being a solid cream lipstick and not matte at all!

    Anyone who's seen me comment on lipstick threads knows I enjoy using Lipcote as a lipstick sealant. So far my best luck has been with Rimmel London's Kate Moss Lasting Finish in the red tubes.
    ▪️ The black tubes are more tacky, and crackle if I use Lipcote, even with a translucent powder.
    ▪️ The Only 1 Matte looks like a cream matte also.
    Want Lipcote? So far this is the only seller I've found with the best price. Sadly I can't find who I used to buy from often, but for all I know it's the same person. Keep in mind you need to have a good lip care routine to use this. It's drying, and people often notice a tingle when first using it. I'm just used to it, and I stay hydrated & moisturize my lips whenever I'm not wearing lipstick.

    Since different formulas work well with different skin types, I figure I could keep this thread as a go-to for those like me who have trouble finding an genuine matte lipstick.

    My classification for matte:
    ▪️ Not creamy
    ▪️ Not extra moisturizing, no oils
    ▪️ Glide has a little friction, not smooth like creamy solids.
    ▪️ Very minimal marks on utensils, straws, cups, and with a blot test.
    ▪️ Almost blot-proof with translucent powder.
    ▪️ If you own Lipcote or similar sealant, lasts all day
    ▪️ Bonus: find it lasts nearly the entire night, if you were lazy and slept with it on.
    I've listed everything based on color. With each brand, I've gone from brightest to deepest. There may be a few colors that pass for Dusty Rose and Brown. I've decided to use Dusty Rose as a shade, since it's not quite pink, but not quite brown. I don't know much about authentic lipstick shades after early 60s, so if you want specific colors listed, please let me know.


    ▪️ Colour Pop Ultra Matte
    ▪️ First Position
    ▪️ Arriba
    ▪️ Creeper
    ▪️ Snowfleek
    ▪️ Avenue
    ▪️ Circles
    ▪️ Colour Pop Ultra Matte
    ▪️ Mama
    ▪️ Extra Toppings

    Dusty Roses

    ▪️ Colour Pop Ultra Matte
    ▪️ Bumble
    ▪️ Beeper
    ▪️ Sizzle
    ▪️ Flurries
    ▪️ Top 8
    ▪️ Softii
    ▪️ Sunday
    ▪️ Colour Pop Ultra Matte
    ▪️ WYD
    ▪️ Limbo
    ▪️ And Chill
    ▪️ Love Bug
    ▪️ Cloudscape
    ▪️ Embellish
    ▪️ Colour Pop Ultra Matte
    ▪️ Times Square
    ▪️ Midi
    ▪️ Midnight Snack
    ▪️ Buffy
    ▪️ Up All Night
    ▪️ Monday

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    Ooo, I'm definitely going to look at this for all day wear during the wedding I'm part of. I want to have a flawless lip look that won't require much touchup during the day. I'm looking at that right now, and it does look like something I could use in my life. :) Thanks a bunch!

    Updated the thread with lipstick shades & links. I did my best to sort based on what shade they fit best.
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    AvavanBlythe Familiar Face

    Just to update: I tried out Colour Pop's Ultra Matte in Times Square. I forgot to take a photo swatch, and right now the only photo of me wearing it is hilariously disturbing. Me + giant false eyelashes = god help us all.

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