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Maintaining Vintage Hair While Enjoying The Pool On Vacation

Discussion in 'Beauty' started by TarshaB, May 30, 2016.

  1. TarshaB

    TarshaB New in Town

    I'm after opinions and suggestions on the easiest way to maintain vintage hair while on vacation where the evenings will be spent at parties and the days will be by/in the pool. Usually I tie my hair up in a bandanna under a sun hat and try to avoid getting my hair wet but I kinda just want to swim properly and still be glamorous without spending 2 hours getting ready!
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  2. Tyrannosaurus Pyrex

    Tyrannosaurus Pyrex New in Town

    I'm looking into this as well. It seems the best option would be to get a swim cap. I would buy a couple of different ones and test them before you go to your fabulous pool parties.
  3. Helena Grace

    Helena Grace New in Town

    ....Yes. A swim cap would be superbe (I am having the same problem concerning vintage hair plus swimming). Suggestions where I could find one? Is there any chance on earth that Walmart would carry them? What are the best?

    And would it crush the hair beneath? I mean - how to keep it curly and not smothered into oblivion?

    Thank you for any help possibly given...
  4. Tyrannosaurus Pyrex

    Tyrannosaurus Pyrex New in Town

    I'm still experimenting, but here's my take on it. You want a large/extra large cap. I'm going to go with one with a chin strap, as I find the others start to creep up around the ears and neck line. Perhaps use a hair net to keep your curls in shape like you would to keep your curls in shape while sleeping, and then stretch the cap over that? This will help with just splashing around, but I haven't found anything that would keep you safe while submerged. Amazon might be a good place to start your search, or any fitness store.
  5. Linda Nexus

    Linda Nexus New in Town

    Swim cap would be the best option. Also, it would be better to apply a deep conditioner before putting on a swim cap for extra protection. The silicone swim cap (available on Amazon) is pretty good.

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