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Discussion in 'The Observation Bar' started by koopkooper, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. Sefton

    Sefton Call Me a Cab

    Gee wizz, and I was going to get all of you an Ipod for next Christmas! Dang it, I guess it's gonna be kazoos for the lot of you...;)

    Well,I've used lots of modern things that appear on this list although most are things that I would-and do-gladly live without:
    Never used an Ipod (kazoo,yes,beautifully...:p ). GPS. I hate driving but if I do, I have more faith in old paper maps. Never had my own web page. Never had one of those Star Trek like cell phones that stick out of your head. Never wore a pair of shoes that had wheels except actual roller skates. Bought a Playstation used in 1995. I played it a handful of times and decided that I don't care for video games so I got rid of it (I gave it a try!)

    I find it inspiring that so many people here are choosing to live a simpler life. So much of the modern world is unneccessary at least and downright harmful (to ourselves and/or the planet).

    I'd gladly give up most modern things and try to enjoy a simpler way such as the one that LizzieMaine seems to have,but I could never get my wife to go for it. I'm working on getting her to share my hatred of plastic bags right now. After that maybe we can kick the TV out...:rolleyes:
  2. M L Correa

    M L Correa New in Town

    Brasilia, Brazil
    At my work place I was considered a dinossaur because I didn't have a cell-phone. Last year I was given one as a gift. I leave it turned off 90% of time, and maybe no more than six or seven people have the number. It is like a secret... I definitely don't like cell phones and, above all, some of their owners, who answer calls in movie theaters, inside elevators, driving cars (!), etc...I know many people who have two cell phones! And about those ones who takes the cell phones to the beach, hanged in their swimming suits !

    This digital era that we are living now may cause some big damage. Imagine if you store all your hundreds of digital photos (family, vacancies, trips, etc.) in a computer and, $#%@!!, there goes the hard disk !! That's why I print most of my photos immeadiatly after taken them.
  3. LNBright

    LNBright New in Town

    Tennessee-Virginia line
    Whoa, it's been over a decade since I'd even *thought* of that movie....

    Do miss River, though, always thought it would be him that went further than Keanu.... I mean, comapre Stand By Me with Bill and Ted's... or rather, don't.... :D Not a big fan of his brother, but he's okay...

    No iPod (but, my daughter has a Zune); and my cell-phone has a 4GB memory card in it loaded w/ mp3's. No game console (back in '78, Dad got an Apple II, which I grew up on... went to the II+, then the IIe, then the IIgs, then switched to PC... I've always had a couple of computers, and will play a few games on it, but never had an Atari/Nintendo, etc.)

    Never watched Survivor, American Idol, Sex in the City, the Sopranos. Mostly watch Discovery, History, PBS, etc.

    No big-screen, plasma, LCD, etc. Not that I wouldn't, but, I just haven't justified the expense, the ol' GE CRT is still kickin' along.

    I'd dearly love to be able to take public transportation, but being in a rural area, it's just not possible. It's 45-minutes to work... easy drive, great road with no traffic. I've got a Subaru for commuting. However, my other vehicle is my preferred vehicle, although, it's noisy, smelly, slow, loud, crude, basic, etc., but, it'll go anywhere... it's a '72 Land Rover (what can I say, it's the geologist in me....). Gotta love a vehicle that you can hand-crank and has the spare tyre on the bonnet.... ;)

    Until I moved into town, I was still on a rotary line, touch-tone wasn't available out at the farm.

    I love maps, old maps, paper maps, etc. But, I also love digital maps. I've used GPS units over the past 15 years (started back in the Marine Corps, and kept on as I went into geology...). I've got a marine Garmin unit, and I can use a bluetooth GPS unit with my cellphone. (However, I refuse to use one of those things stuck in my ear... I use bluetooth to transfer photos, files, GPS data, etc., but not for earpieces....)
  4. LNBright

    LNBright New in Town

    Tennessee-Virginia line

    Actually, I had had a cell phone about a decade ago, but ended up dropping it (not physically, just dropping service). Coverage out at the farm was bad, had to stand outside and hold your head just right to be able to hear... But two years ago, I started travelling a lot more on business, and hotel phone charges are ridiculous, so a cell phone made a whole lot more sense. Since I'd moved into town, now have great coverage (also changed carriers, too).
  5. Chanfan

    Chanfan A-List Customer

    Seattle, WA
    Hmm, I love technology in general, so there's not too much for me to report. I did avoid cell phones for quite some time, but my boss finally offered me one with the right price plan (free), and it has been handy.

    But day to day, I'm an iPod / Wii / PC / Mac / Linux / Palm / Tivo using geek. I love the high tech toys - wish I had a GPS navigator for my car.

    Still, I like older things too, and sometimes like knowing the manual way to do things. And yes, there certainly are bad things that seem to come along with the high tech, but I think in general, it's largely an improvement/advancement.

    Yet I still like to go out and play medieval camping dress up, so not sure where that puts me on the whole issue! lol
  6. 52Styleline

    52Styleline A-List Customer

    SW WA

    As the late comedian George Gobbel once said "If electricity hadn't been invented, we'd all be sitting around watching television in the dark"lol

    No Ipod, no cell phone,
  7. The_Edge

    The_Edge One of the Regulars

    WA USA
    MP3's, CD's, DVD's, surround sound system, big television, cell phones, movies, tv shows, AM/FM radio, my pick-up truck, S30v steel, video games, GPS, LED flashlights...

    You betcha! I use all these modern things on a regular basis. Wait, what thread is this?
  8. scotrace

    scotrace Head Bartender Staff Member

    Small Town Ohio, USA
    Classifieds section?

    A toaster must present an impossible mechanical

    Seriously, I love gadgets. Mmmm... new computer smell. :)
  9. Dan G

    Dan G One of the Regulars

    Pensacola, FL
    *sniff* ahhhhhhhh. New computer smell indeed.... Like new instrument smell.... :D

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