Music suggestions 20's 30's big band & jazz?

Discussion in 'Radio' started by johnnyelvis, Jul 15, 2010.

  1. Rudy Vallee and his Connecticut Yankees -- On The Good Ship Lollipop (1935)
    vocals by the Stewart Sisters

  2. Efim Schachmeister Dance Orchestra -- Look Who's Here (1926)

  3. Isham Jones and his Orchestra -- Ida I Do (1925)

  4. Percival Mackey's Band -- Sometimes I'm Happy (1927)
    vocal by Chick Endor

  5. Jimmy Grier Orchestra -- Bon Voyage To Your Ship Of Dreams (1932)
    vocal by Donald Novis

  6. Arden & Ohman and their Orchestra -- The Cop On The Beat, The Man In The Moon And Me (1932)
    vocal by Frank Luther


    Of all the people in this lonely old world
    Who are the loneliest three
    The cop on the beat, the Man in the Moon and me

    Around the corner there's a party upstairs
    Here on the corner are we
    The cop on the beat, the Man in the Moon and me

    I go to my room and I open the door
    There's nothing but gloom
    So I go to the corner to hang around some more

    I watch the happy-looking couples go by
    They're so in love they can't see
    The cop on the beat, the Man in the Moon and me
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    You should definitely hop on the Max Raabe and the Palast Orchester bandwagon. [video=youtube;eDA_CQDLE6Y][/video]
  8. Jan Garber Orchestra -- Sixty Seconds Every Minute (I'm In Love With You) (1927)
    vocal by Johnny Marvin

  9. 1. Jack Hylton and his Orchestra -- Why Can't You (1929)
    2. Ambrose and his Orchestra -- Crying For The Carolines (1930)
    3. Ray Noble and his Orchestra -- High Society Blues (1930)
    4. Jay Wilbur and his Orchestra -- Shadows On The Window (1932)
    5. Ray Noble and his Orchestra -- South Sea Rose (1930)
    6. Jack Payne and his Orchestra -- Happy Go Lucky You (1932)
    7. Jack Hylton and his Orchestra -- Let's Be Sentimental (1930)

  10. The Regent Dance Orchestra -- Good Night (1926)

  11. Ben Selvin and his Orchestra -- Honey (1929)

  12. Leo Reisman and his Orchestra
    1. When You're Counting The Stars Alone (1929)
    2. Needin' You Like I Do (1929)

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    I'm looking for who sang a song called Bumble Bee from around 10 or 15 years ago. I believe there was a review of the album in Swing Time magazine. A woman sang it but I don't know if she was under a band name or just her name. Not a lot to go on but does anyone have any idea who did it? Thanks
  14. Ambrose and his Orchestra -- Without You Sweetheart (1927)

  15. Jack Hylton and his Orchestra -- Gonna Get A Girl (1927)

  16. Ben Berlin Tanzorchester -- Herr Ober, Zwei Mokka! (1930)
    vocal by Leo Monosson

  17. Harry Hudson and his Band -- Gin And It (1929)

  18. From Barcelona, Spain...

    Carmelita Aubert -- El Hombre Ideal (1933)
    accompanied by Orquesta Ventura y sus Bohemios
    -- An advertising record for Varon Dandy cologne.

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