Near mint boater 7 1/4 LO

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    A89F4159-3930-4B25-B80A-E1EF1432DBF8.jpeg Hey folks,

    I am thinning out the herd and the first to go is a vintage straw boater in 7 1/4 Long Oval. This lid looks hardly worn. There appear to be a few nips in the ribbon and one ding on the super soft leather sweat band (see photos) other than that this hat is a dream.

    3.5” crown and almost 2” brim.

    Perfect for summer!

    The hat will come in an unmatched brooks brothers hat box (same box I found it in).

    $65 shipped in CONUS, OCONUS pays actual shipping price. PayPal and Venmo.

    BBE14CF8-7D13-43ED-B326-DF9ED0F4F656.jpeg 5ADA4158-6DCD-4F45-8665-D2800C288563.jpeg 815B09FB-70B8-4860-8557-3C09A1DADC44.jpeg 5AD95DBF-90ED-4B71-A234-00FD801019FF.jpeg 4CF24067-0B5F-4AE5-8259-B1A947F84E84.jpeg 12353128-C978-44ED-BC1A-DC219FE62014.jpeg 64C9F4D7-21E0-42A3-811D-F61C52BB4763.jpeg

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