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Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Gamma68, Nov 22, 2019.

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    I found this all-purpose utilitarian sport jacket pictured below at a thrift store. Feels like steerhide. Black quilted lining in the body and sleeves. Knit wool cuffs and waistband. Two open hand warmer pockets, one zip chest pocket, no interior pocket. The leather is in very nice shape. No cracking.

    The only tag is in a pocket, marked size 46 with an illegible model number. The jacket feels like a size 44-46. A size 40-42 could layer up nicely in it. Cuffs and waistband are in really good shape with no holes. Comfortable to wear.

    Main zip is a old Scovill "Gripper Zipper" and works nicely. Chest pocket has an older diamond-shaped Talon (first time I've seen one of these older Talons in the wild). When I see a diamond pull, I immediately think 1940s, but I'm not sure if those pulls extended into the 1950s.

    The tag reminds me of vintage Schott but I don't know if other brands used similar tags.

    Any idea who made this jacket? Era when it was made? Maybe @tmitchell59 has some insight?

    IMG_7642.jpg IMG_7643.jpg IMG_7645.jpg
    IMG_7647.jpg IMG_7640.jpg IMG_7641.jpg
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    I also saw the Diamond pull as a 40s clue, but have seen many jackets now that have diamond pulls that are easily identified as 50s. I think that comes form left over stock or just an effort to upgrade the jacket. I have always like the look of the Diamond pull. Other zipper brands also have diamond pulls, there are not all Talons.

    I'm not too informed on the Gripper Zipper. I know I don't see many. I don't think I own a jacket with one, maybe never.

    Schott is a good guess. I could more easily tell you what brands I don't think it is. Looks pretty generic, but a more interesting jacket than I see in thrift shops!
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