New Arrival: Schott #375 Roughout

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by westportrich, Jul 7, 2020.

  1. westportrich

    westportrich Familiar Face

    Hey gang, just picked up a new jacket and I thought I'd share with my fellow enthusiasts. This time it's a Schott 375 Roughout. Gotta tell ya the first words that come to mind are, Casual, Easy to wear, Simple classic styling. This is the type of jacket you can throw it on, throw it off, not baby it and just sort of live in it. Nice classic fit as well but if you get one and you are in doubt regarding sizing than my advice is to size down. I'm 6 foot 182 lbs and the Medium is perfect. I originally bought the Large and had to exchange it. This one is a keeper!

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  2. Marc mndt

    Marc mndt A-List Customer

    Very nice, congrats!
  3. Mrfrown

    Mrfrown One of the Regulars

    Congrats on the pickup!

    I have a 370 which I really like, but putting it on takes a bit of extra effort to get the sleeves where they need to be.

    I have been curious about the leather. In Schott’s description the 370 is “oiled rough out” while the 375 is just “rough out”.

    Did you happen to handle both the 370 and 375 by any chance?
  4. westportrich

    westportrich Familiar Face

    No, never felt a 370. Gut tells me the are probably the same or darn close...but what do I know. I will say the lined sleeves make on and off a breeze. I've returned/sold more than a few jackets that are hard to put on or take off...For me it takes the fun out of it...Like putting on a suit when you don't want to.

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