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Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by 58panheadfan, Jun 19, 2019.

Do you like this italian style collar?

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  1. Carlos840

    Carlos840 My Mail is Forwarded Here

    All the Shinki i have has a pigment finish and doesn't feel oily.
    Honestly there is nothing in common between my 5 Shinki jackets, they all have different thicknesses and different grain characteristics, if i didn't know they came from the same tannery i would be unable to say so.
    They look completely different from one another, which means i can't really tell you "yes this is what shinki looks/feels like" because there is no common look/feel between all my shinki...
    It's not like CXL, where even thought you have variation between batches one can still recognise CXL as being CXL and having a certain sets of characteristics.

    From what i could tell, Shinki is on average slightly thicker than what ELC uses, but thats as much as i feel confident saying.
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  2. Tom71

    Tom71 A-List Customer

    Shame that you didn´t like the fit. I think size 42 looks great on you , and personally, I didn´t really notice the slight flare at the hem, before the discussion started.

    That said: Only you knwo what works for you and if you don´t get THAT LOOK in your eyes, I guess that´s all that matters. I have yet to handle a Highway Star in the flesh, and for a number of reasons I hope things reamins that way for a while longer...
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  3. El Marro

    El Marro Call Me a Cab

    I’m surprised that ELMC didn’t opt for the side laces, which to me are a defining characteristic of the CHP jacket. Not only do they complete the look but they are very functional when it comes to shrinking or expanding the waist of the jacket.
    I get that the button tabs they opted for instead are visually pleasant and also seem less “hardcore” than the laces. Still it seems like they sacrificed function in pursuit of form. Too bad.
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  4. ProteinNerd

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    I agree with @Carlos840 , although I'd add that the 3-4 shinki jackets I've owned have all been slightly stiffer than the ELMC jackets that I own as well, all of my ELMC jackets have a softer hand, if that's the term.

    The other difference is my The Flat Head jacket and from memory my DD J100 (both Shinki) also feel a bit "drier" than any of the ELMC jackets I have (I'm up to 6 I think).

    They are quite similar in weight but when you really look for differences there are some.
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  5. willyto

    willyto One Too Many

    I have the DB leather coats in both brown and black and the horsehide is so nice.

    My brown one is a bit stiffer and “dry” while the black is very flexible and soft. Both are great to the touch.
  6. GoAround

    GoAround New in Town

    up in the air
    Dear Marc,

    Thank you very much for providing your fit pics - very much appreciated!

    Would it be thinkable for you to also share your body measures, like:

    - shoulder width
    - arm length (shoulder to wrist)
    - chest circumference
    - waist circumference
    - hips circumference

    That would be really helpful to better understand the fit of the jacket and to "build the bridge" to my own measures. ;-)

    The jackets you've tried were standard length or long versions?

    Thank you very much in advance,

  7. Marc mndt

    Marc mndt Practically Family

    Pm sent
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