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  1. Michael A

    Michael A I'll Lock Up

    Copied out of the Morning Oregonian July 27. 1909.

    "NEW'THEORY OF BALDNESS Caused by Tight-Fitting Hats Which the Men Wear. Columbia Btate. Why do men have bald heads? Surgeon J. O. Cobb, of the United States Public Health and Marine Hospital Service, says that the sole reason for bald heads Is found In the constricting bands of men's, hats. Baldness, says this expert on the pate, is not caused by dandruff, by parasites, or by anything except lack of circulation caused by tight hatbands. In the New York Medical Journal, Dr. Cobb says: 'If a man s head is very wide, or if he is very prominent fore and aft, that man will become bald in time, because such a person, to make his hat fit snugly, invariably pulls it down tight. The man with low brow and thick. heavy hair rarely is bald. If one wears the hair long and thick, it acts as a cushion and prevents, in a large measure, the constriction caused by the hat band." The moral is plain: Either wear your hair long, so as to give your head breathing space, or if your hair is scant or short, discard your hat and give the air, and sunlight a chance. The savages who go bareheaded do not go bald headed. They seem to bear out Dr. Cobb's theory. The men who go around all day with their hats tightly clapped on their heads have few hairs to show when they reach 35 or 40. Keep your hat off whenever you can and keep your hair. In the North the number of hatless young men is constantly Increasing, and the custom, especially during the hot Summer season of going about bareheaded is rapidly increasing. In the South during this same heated season it is even more imperative that hats be discarded as much as possible, or entirely. With fewer hats we shall soon have fewer bald heads. And bald heads are not popular oven among those who possess them."

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  2. Redfokker


    Albany Oregon
    Our state's paper of record. Must be true. Now that you posted it on the internet, it is really true. Your right, oh, oh...
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  3. At this point I'm OK with that. I'll have to then continue to wear hats as my bald head is not Yul Brynner's. (You know, the guy in the good version of "The Magnificent Seven")
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  4. GHT

    GHT I'll Lock Up

    New Forest
    Just an observation. Like my good mother told me, I have never shocked the ladies or frightened the horses by going around without my pants on. Despite that, my pubic hair has never thinned out, on the contrary, if I had a mind to, I could plait it into braids. So, if I keep my pubis covered the hair grows longer, if I keep my head covered, I will go bald.
    Wonder what the good doctor would make of that?
  5. Lean'n'mean

    Lean'n'mean My Mail is Forwarded Here

    I wonder what his surgical success rate was..:rolleyes:
    It's just anti-hat propaganda. Prehaps who ever wrote it had restricted blood circulation to the brain due to overtight hatbands & was holding a grudge. :D
  6. Fed in a Fedora

    Fed in a Fedora Practically Family

    Dixie, USA
    This poor guy failed to correctly analyse the causal relationship between hats and bald heads. He reversed cause with effect in his conclusion. We bald guys wear hats to protect our heads. After years in aviation and otherwise working in the sun, I saw too many of my friends visit the local skin doctor to have cancerous parts shaved from their sun damaged bodies for me not to protect mine. Hence the wide brim of my hats which are often turned down front and back. Partly for style, but mostly for function.

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  7. frussell

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    California Desert
    Yul was in "Seven Samurai?" I'll have to watch it again. I remember a theory similar to this floating around my house when my dad pointed out how many hockey players were bald under those helmets. Now I think it had more to do with the median age of hockey players, in comparison to other "headgear sports" back then. My grandpa wore a hat daily until he was 99, and still had a pretty full head of hair when he went. Frank
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  8. Redfokker


    Albany Oregon
    I'm told that heredity has a lot to do with it. Your kids make you pull your hair out. But seriously, chromedominess runs in families.
  9. I wonder if anyone ever sued Surgeon J. O. Cobb, of the United States Public Health and Marine Hospital Service, because they followed his advice, stopped wearing hats, and lost their hair anyway. :p
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  10. Edward

    Edward Bartender

    London, UK
    My mother used to claim that wering a hat indoors caused baldness. Mind you, my mother was suckered in by ecchinea tablets, so...
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  11. Bigger Don

    Bigger Don Practically Family

    Hmmm...and maybe I should sue IPCC because I still can't get palm trees through the OH winter. Yathink?
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