Recreating a summer khaki uniform that is sharp/fitted like a modern USMC uniform?

Discussion in 'WWII' started by BigBrother, Aug 2, 2020.

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    Ok, a bit unorthodox here, but hear me out!

    I decided I really wanted a fairly accurate khaki summer uniform for my dance events and performances, and you all helped me a lot on this thread here:

    I ended up deciding to go with What Price Glory when events open back up.

    Now, I had tacitly resigned myself (or was basically whole) with the fact that this uniform was NOT fitted or "dress" much, and was much more a working uniform in fit and polish.

    However, I recently saw this dance performance:

    and decided I really, really wanted something that was, albeit historically less accurate, very sharp- and fitted-looking like those there, akin to a modern USMC service uniform.

    (Hell, maybe I'll get both!)

    Anyway, I was wondering if you could help steer me because some parts of this seem easy to do, some not so much.

    The shirt I assume I could literally just get as a USMC service one from a uniform supply store.

    It's the matching pants and tie that could be an issue. I realize they didn't always exactly match back then but hey, I'm going for a polished "romanticized" version here. It just wouldn't look right if the color were off from the shirt. The tie is not as strict a requirement for me- I could try different vendors and anyway I'm just as interested in the dark ones from the era (so match stops being an issue, obviously!)

    As I see it I only have a handful of options:

    - Go with What Price Glory and have a tailor take it in to a more "glamorized"/sharp USMC-style fit. Risks: the material might still be rather heavy/utility khaki so the ultimate look won't be achieved.
    - The Dickie's route is no good. I've gotten their stuff, it doesn't sit well at all.
    - Look simply for some modern clothier's goods that might match, but this is a huge unknown.
    - Go the actual modern USMC uniform route, but I suspect there are no khaki pants in any of the configurations these days.

    Ideas? Thanks all!!!!!
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  2. BigBrother

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    A bit of research/Googling might have produced the (quite simple) answer:

    The Navy does indeed still do the khaki/khaki combo for their service uniform today. They just don't have long sleeve shirts (I believe.) So all I need do is purchase the Navy pants:

    And combine them with the USMC shirt:

    And I think I'm in business (assuming the materials are a match).

    This way I get that nice crisp polyester look (I know, I know, the purists amongst you are groaning :).)

    Thanks all! (And of course chime in with any other details, information, or thoughts!)

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