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Retro/vintage looks and others in your life

JJ Katz

Familiar Face
Dear fellow Loungers, I am researching an article about the potential impact that one person’s aesthetic style might have on their family (children, partner) and friends, especially in cases where the latter does not share an interest in retro/vintage style.

I would greatly appreciate any specific, direct experiences you have had or witnessed and, if you could be a conduit for the other (non-vinty) person’s point of view, that would be fantastic.

I’ll explain the thinking behind this. Obviously many people (like myself) enjoy wearing clothes and undertaking activities that are not in the mainstream (wearing a boater and two-tone shoes, or playing 30s music, etc.) There have been some threads in the past about how the subject in question feels or how strangers have reacted to them, etc.

What I am interested in, here, is how people close to the subject have experienced this lifestyle choice. An obvious example might be the timeless “Indiana Jones!” shout-comment. How you and I might feel about it is going to be different from say, our wife’s or our 10 y.o. kid’s.

I’m not necessarily looking for a negative or dramatic slant, more, really, how things come across form a third party’s point of view.

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