Rockel Homburg Hat sz59 $45USD

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Spike in NC, Nov 22, 2019.

  1. Spike in NC

    Spike in NC New in Town

    Rockel Hutfabrik hat — Mfg. Germany. Vintage unknown, body material unknown. But I suspect it's a wool/fur felt blend. It's stiff and in good vintage condition. See photos of the few spots on the interior — mainly from the sticker residue where the stickers are gone and the residue is now hardened. The leather sweatband is still pliable and in good condition. All stitching is in place. The exterior is in very good condition. It's a very pleasing dark green body with a color-matched rope headband and handsome knot. The brim trim is also color-matched and is tidy and all the stitching is tight. I really like the style, but it's just a little too tight front-to-back for my head shape.

    About the size: I wear a size 60 (73/8"). While I can wear the hat, it presses tightly on my forhead and crown while the sides are a little loose — so I'm selling it. (It's pretty stiff, so it doesn't seem to distort much to my head shape.) The interior dimensions measure 172mm at the widest point between the ears and 207mm front-to-back. My guess is that it should fit a rounder head shape used to a 58/59.

    I'm asking $45 shipped continental US.

    Here's the Google Photos link (I couldn't upload images sufficient to show detail here)

    Cheers — Spike
  2. Spike in NC

    Spike in NC New in Town

    Correction - One of the fellas in the Homburg thread informed me that this hat is not a Homburg.

    It should be classified more generally as a trachten style hat.

    I could not edit this out of the post title)

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