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Schott B-257S


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Hi There. I went to the Schott in New York store about I year ago to see the 257S jacket. I was very impressed with the thickness of the sheep pelt. SUPER DEEP with a huge draft flap that goes under the zipper Very impressive. I should have bought it on the spot. I was in NYC recently and went to the new store to verify my size one more time. I could not believe how much thinner the sheep pelt was on all of the 257S jackets I saw. All of them. The huge draft tube appears to be re-designed and does not have the full coverage. Please look at the Scott site. The 4th picture down on the left side (model is holding open the coat by the draft flap.) The jackets I saw last year had the thick strip with the sheep pelt on both sides. Seems they have scaled that back/re-designed on one side .somewhat. I know the sheep pelts can vary quite a bit. These jackets were much thinner than what I saw. A major change. I did call them. I spoke to a lady who seemed upset about what I was saying. She claimed they did not change anything. I own four Schott jackets and I am not here to "trash" them at all. I really love their stuff. I cannot call them and ask when a new production run has thicker pelt. No manufacturer is going to divulge that information. I wouldn't blab on and on If i did not feel the thickness difference was MAJOR. The sheep pelt on the one I tried last year was thick enough to create dead airspace in the jacket which protects you from air entry on windy days. The jackets I saw last week will require something underneath to create dead airspace due to the thinner pelts. BTW any long time owners of this jacket? I know eventually the leather flakes off. The hardest use I envision is wearing it while driving. Will that cause the leather around the bottom to flake off or does it happen after many years of hard use?


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Hm. I havent seen last yrs or this yrs.

Here is my gen I from early 80s. The leatherized coating is looong gone. And the shearling is holding up great.

But keep in mind it gets worn like 10 times per yr in nyc. I think i am going to start wearing t shirts in winter so i can wear it everyday.

You could try buying pre-loved.



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