"Scoopy Stratoliner Flange"

Discussion in 'Hats' started by neanderthal57, Mar 1, 2013.

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    I have several hats that I thought I would love when I bought them. I would wear them but I didn't love them. I bought all but one off of eBay.

    Then I saw another that I Had to have, won the auction and received the hat. It was a tan Wormser with a thin ribbon and a cattleman's bash. I put a center dent and a sharp snap in the front and holy smokes it was the hat of my dreams. I wear it exclusively and all the rest hang on my wall.

    I couldn't figure out what is was about the hat that made me like it so much. Part of it were the dimensions, fairly tall crown and medium wide brim, but there was something I couldn't put my finger on.

    I was reading some old posts looking for pictures that would make me want to keep a black hat I hardly wear and I came across a member's headshot and he described the hat as having a "Scoopy Stratoliner flange". That's it! That's the thing I couldn't put my finger on. The Scoopy Stratoliner flange is what I love about the hat.

    The Akubra Campdraft is the closest modern hat to my Wormser that I'm aware of. Is there another hat that has similar dimensions and flange other than a vintage hat? I just bought a BG Campdraft that I like but it's not quite "it".
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    As long as a hatter has the flange you want, it's easy to have the brim reflanged.
  3. Campdrafts are closer to the Open Road in their flange which is basically the difference in an Open Road & a Strat.
    The Strat has the scoopy flange where the OR has the flatter brim.

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