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Show us YOUR Vintage Flask!

This is a place to show off YOUR Vintage Flask and tell us something about it. If you use it, display it, collect, or whatever, let us know. I have collected these for years and have used them in many a period historical event (plus they are just fun to find and rarely cost much and take up little room). PLEASE do not post eBay auctions or internet finds and pictures, just ones you personally own.
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After WWII, US Zone Germany was one of the four zones Germany was divided into when it was occupied by the United States. During this time after the war, German manufacturers were basically banned from exporting goods. American authorities occupying controlled territories permitted the sale and export of toys with the markings 'Made in US Zone - Germany' through the years 1946 and 1947. After the regulation was lifted, much of the same tooling was used and many of the markings continued into the 1950's.
Not especially rare, this is a 12 ounce monster I have had for some time......Marked "Made in Germany-US Zone". The "shot glass" cap is ridiculously small at 1/2 ounce.
Three glass flasks, outer two are "pocket watch" flasks with a clock face on one side star on the other. Both marked "CLF" which is the C. L. Flaccus Glass Company, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1879-c. 1927). The left is further embossed with "Good Night" and the right with "Grandfathers Clock".
The flask in the center is a simple shoulder flask in aqua glass. Likely Circa 1875 or so....impressed "H" on bottom can be many companies of the time.

Mid-late Victorian/early Edwardian (hard to date these) Heavy Silver Plate etched oval flask. Cannot find any markings. LOVE the classic highly detailed "Drunkard" image of the man pouring drink from a cask into his HAT (and he is smoking)!!!!! :D
Other side is etched with Initials I cannot decipher (I have always had a time with this style script:rolleyes:). Darn hard to photograph.......

THIS is what is made when a person says: "I want a heavy duty custom stick, and a plain shillelagh just will not do, oh and I have this heavy brass sort of door nob Lion head thing. Can you make it?!?!?!?!?"

Unmarked, Unknown date............sort of craftsman style. Very well made.
Brass head is quite heavy.


Oh.....and while you are at it......


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