Shrinking linen/cotton cap

Discussion in 'Hats' started by BulldogsRBtrThnPeople, Jul 2, 2020.

  1. BulldogsRBtrThnPeople

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    Hi everyone,
    I just received a Stetson ivy cap in a linen/cotton blend. I am a little between sizes so I sized up and am wondering what the best way to shrink the cap slightly would be. Could I soak it with water and chuck it in the dryer for a bit? I did that with a wool cap once and had some success but wasn’t sure how the linen/cotton would react to that kind of treatment. Just curious if anyone had any tips or tricks. Thanks!
  2. belfastboy

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    vancouver, canada
    I shrunk a linen cap a while back by dipping the cloth sweat area in water just off the boil. While it was still wet but cooled I put it on my head and wore it around the house for a few hours.
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  3. mark balen

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    I'd suggest going with the suggestion from Belfast Boy. Heat from a dryer may shrink it more than you would want. Also, depending on the materials the hat is made from, the heat may shrink the stitching more than the fabric in the panels. The result could be a puckered areas along the stitched areas. My 2 cents...
  4. BulldogsRBtrThnPeople

    BulldogsRBtrThnPeople New in Town

    Hi gents,
    Thanks for your suggestions. I tried just doing the sweat and while it worked somewhat, I needed it a little smaller. The dryer did the trick, although there are some wrinkles (but that could just be because it’s linen).
    Again, that you for your comments/suggestions.
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