Shroud of Turin

Discussion in 'The Observation Bar' started by Chamorro, Apr 17, 2004.

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  1. Chamorro

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  2. Andykev

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    Wow, excellent!

    I was told years ago by my school teacher that the carbon dating method was inaccurate. I don't know the specifics, but the Shroud in my opinion is genuine.

    How strong is your faith? Watching a movie "The Passion" or reading Biblical scripture, the message is for you to decide.

    Who knows what is the truth? Isn't it a "Leap of Faith". Isn't that what is our "test" , in addition to how we treat one another?

    Excellent post my friend.
  3. Michaelson

    Michaelson One Too Many

    There was an EXCELLENT program on PBS last week about the new Shroud evidence regarding the faulted carbon testing done in the 80's, as well as the request to have access to the Shroud again for better testing with uncontaminated material. Time will tell how far this new request will go, but the new information was compelling, to say the least, and VERY well presented on a public access station. Regards. Michaelson
  4. Undertow

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    Have any of you seen the program on the History Channel where some computer guys were able to lift a 3d image of the face/body that's on the shroud? Then they were able to add color, hair, etc. If they were accurate, it would have revealed the face of Jesus (should you believe in the accuracy of the shroud, etc.)

    Anyone catch this? I was at my dad's so I didn't have enough time to really get wrapped up in it. Looked interested though.
  5. 57plymouth

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    I don't believe it is the burial shroud of Christ.

    That also does not make my faith in Christ any less. I don't really care if it was His shroud. My faith is in Christ, not the cloth.
  6. Chas

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    Melbourne, Australia
    It's a hoax. Most probably created in the Middle Ages to elicit donations from gullible pilgrims, a very common practice of the day.

    If it is genuine, then why did it suddenly appear only in the 16th Century? I am inclined that it had something to do with the fact that the Reformation was in full swing at that point. Also very curious that the depiction on the shroud matches exactly what late middle ages Europe thought that Jesus actually looked like. Very convenient.

    This, however leads to a more important question: Does THIS really belong in the FL? REALLY?
  7. Atinkerer

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    I understand that it's made of a herringbone linen.
  8. Hemingway Jones

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    Sorry folks, this is not really what we do here. I'll leave it up for the link, in case you're interested.
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