soaking Shinki horsehide in water

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Americanaaa Mark, Jan 9, 2017.

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    When I saw the video showed above for the first time (it was about a couple of years ago) - it seemed quite interesting to me then, esp. if to exclude a couple of strange moments: when that guy bites off all original Waldes diamond zipper pullers to change them to "hand-made" crappy rings and when he uses sandpaper - both those moments initially looked (and still does) disgusting, that's just horrible anyway.
    But my opinion has changed noticeably during a couple of years, and now I've found that the whole video is just the disgusting attempt to ruin the jacket.
    Do those strange things with Shinki HH or any other top-notch leather? No, thanks. Never.
    Sandpaper, flatiron, damaging Waldes' pullers - what a crap is that guy doing?!
    I don't consider the result of his "work" looks "cool", he almost ruined his jacket.
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    well on the other hand probably this is a one off project just for replicating a specific costume, movie people so the same or worse.
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    Please: just read the video title. The guy is making a Sid Vicious's jacket replica! And again: leather is just a medium not a religion. One can experiment with it and costumers are still free to buy from or not. These same guys made years ago a leather jacket paired with the twill covering the Marshall's amps and it's a brilliant re-launch of a style (and now this style is "followed" by several other makers)
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    LOL. To remake Sid's jacket they should do a ton of drugs/ drink and live dangerously. I can't see 'ol Sid getting the iron and sandpaper out...I understand the point (effort) but the truth is, this technique doesn't do anything more toward recreating the jacket that simply wearing it hard would do. It's significantly less genuine, pointed and admittedly artificial....and as such even more poseur. It seems to be a fairly common goal among Japanese crafters, like soaking a jacket balled up and bound, like an s&m fetish or something. Just my opinion. I personally am not a fan of quick distressing or artificial wear.

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