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    So I purchased a Speidel pocket watch. It came with a chain, but the end of the chain is a spring ring. I contacted the company on how to attach it to my belt loop as, the opening of the ring will not fit around anything. They could not help. All the person would tell me is that that is the size all our pocket watched have. Has anyone had any experience with a Speidel pocket watch and know how to attach them to a belt loop? I’m extremely frustrated. The watch was not cheap. Thanks in advance!
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  2. Peacoat

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    You could always attach it to a larger O ring or split ring that will fit around your belt. Probably be difficult to find one in black, if that is important to you.
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  3. Just Jim

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    I took mine to a jeweler buddy; he removed the spring ring and installed a soldered jump ring and lobster-claw. Just called him up, he said a guy could put this kind of thing together from jewelry findings on Amazon. As it was, with him doing the work and providing the parts, I think he charged me about $15 US.
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    Or wear this watch the way ist has been designed for, on a vest/waistcoat. On these it will be no problem to place that ring beneath one of the buttons or in a button hole and to put the watch into the dedicated pocket.

    Edith: Are we talking about kind of a mechanical vintage watch or one of those Quartz watches they currently use to sell?


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  5. Ernest P Shackleton

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    I would think you could open it up just slightly (make it a bigger circle) and have no problems. Judge by how much pin they provide. Or remove it and find another clippable device in its place. You might be able to find a tiny caribiner on ebay.
  6. Run the spring ring thru & around the belt loop & snap the spring ring back over the chain. You won't lose much length.

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