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sucker for the high crowns


Call Me a Cab
deanglen said:
Here's a high crown in my favorite style:


Superb hat. I also love that one of Brad in the tall, white fedora.

Matt - thanks for reviving this thread!


I'll Lock Up
Little Istanbul, Berlin, Germany
I think I mentioned this before, but that hat is totally sweet!

Well, yes - you did, Matt. But thank you once again. :)

It's a sweet hat indeed. I don't often have the opportuity these days to wear a black hat but while I've sold off most of my other hats that didn't see a lot of head time anymore I'm definitely going to keep this one. It's a rare animal and a very beautiful one at that. ;)

I have to confess that the hat has changed a bit since I took those photos. The ribbon was coming apart and so I put on a new one. I posted this before but here I go anyway. I replaced the tattered old black ribbon with a vintage charcoal colored one and added a bit of interest to the bow with a blueish-gray vintage grosgrain ribbon. I also played around with the crease. Looks like this now:


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