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Discussion in 'Hats' started by Baron Kurtz, Dec 10, 2006.

  1. I understood you, Dean. I have the same issue with it myself. What on earth to wear it with? And where to wear it and avoid having ones light knocked out, as they say. I get enough homophobic taunting as it is, wearing my "normal" coloured hats. I can't imagine what reaction this one will elicit from the less enlightened of our fellows.

    (given that i was planning to wear it with a white suit, i imagine the reactions would NOT be favourable)

    Certain parts of London, it will be fine. Other parts not so fine. Wouldn't wear it to a soccer game, let's say. For the record, the reaction of the missus was thus: "Expect a kicking"


  2. I'm thinking that very very high contrast wil be the way to go. Worn with a black or dark grey suit, perhaps? or a very light coloured suit with faint red tones, maybe? It will be purely trial and error. I'll get something together out of my wardrobe, i'm sure ...

  3. As i say, the midwest is the place to be for vintage right now. The coasts are picked to death and have been for a number of years. If you want stuff not from eBay, this is the region to find it.

    No, but i've had a request for it, so i'll go in and pick it up later today ...

  4. spiridon

    spiridon A-List Customer

    Gulf Coast (AL)
    Sorry to be redundant, but WOW!!! Great looking hat Baron.:eusa_clap :eusa_clap

    Hmmmmmmmm.....Portis.....another hat to add to my "gotta find" list!:D
  5. lol lol Good luck. They almost never come up on eBay and this is only the second one i've seen in a thrift store. I do have a 7 1/4 Portis sitting around here somewhere but it's pretty messed up.

  6. scotrace

    scotrace Head Bartender Staff Member

    Small Town Ohio, USA
    Spectacular! I've got to get out of the compound more often and do some searching.

    Matching the color: it's sort of like having a smarmy line to deliver in a play. Best to just run with it and go hammy. A pink shirt and loud tie under darker browns?
  7. Johnnysan

    Johnnysan One Too Many

    Central Illinois
    I don't know about that...I spent all day Saturday scouring antique malls around St. Louis and came up empty handed! Where are all these great hats hiding?? (Send me your reply via need to spoil the thrill of the hunt for all of the others, eh?) ;) lol

    Your Portis is outstanding...certainly a terrific find! The closest I've ever come to one was an empty (and overpriced) hat box! Congratulations!
  8. deanglen

    deanglen My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Fenton, Michigan, USA
    Want Ad in the newspaper

    This has probably been done, but I've considered putting an ad in the classified expressing interest in vintage men's dress hats, fedoras, etc. Has anyone done it? How sucessful was it?

  9. I am considering doing the same for suits. "Getting rid of Grandad's Clothes?" kind of line.


    DOUGLAS My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Bk, You should buy every hat in site regardless of size or color because if that Portis is any indication of whats out there man o man you can sell them like hot cakes.

    You could always wait and walk around with FeltFan with his acid green Borsalino. No one will say spit about you and your peach Portis.
  11. I must admit that most of the hats i see for sale are truly horrific. But the ratio of great ones (early Stetsons - remember that great store where i got a grey whippet, a green stratoliner and a green playboy for $45?, Borsalinos, THE Portis) is the highest i've encountered. And at rock bottom prices - lower than $30 every one ...

    I pick up and pass on all the good ones tha don't fit me.

  12. Any 7 5/8 that don't fit you out there? I'll take them. ;) :D I think I can trust your sartorial choices. ;)


  13. he he. I'll keep an eye out for you ...

    You want purple and fluffy, right?

  14. As long as its vintage--and I don't mean 1970s Superfly vintage. :p


  15. ideaguy

    ideaguy One Too Many

    Western Massachusetts
    Nice hat. Better box!!
  16. Benny Holiday

    Benny Holiday My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Sydney Australia
    Congrats on a super find, Baron

    Alas, there are no hats to be found in vintage or antique shops here, let alone a size 7 (my size too!). I've been looking for years and years. Koopkooper and I only recently shared our perplexity at the lack of hats. We know men wore them here in spades - so where did they all go?

    Anyway, the Portis is great!
  17. Benny, i imagine they all got sweated through. Pretty destructive stuff, sweat ...

    There was a Stetson Whippet (sz. 7 maybe?) on going around and around and around and never getting any bids. Maybe it's still there?

  18. The box really does top it off. They had a penchant for fancy boxes in the 30s, no?

    The only other one i've found in an original company box (as opposed to a box from the store it was bought in) was a 30s Adam. The box is great. It has an early 18th century fop with his top hat cocked at an incredibly rakish angle. What a rogue! And the hat is great too. Pity it shrunk to about 6 3/4 at some point. I need to get that one stretched out. it is a GREAT hat. Must get around to posting that someday.

  19. 44forrest

    44forrest New in Town

    upstate NY
    I picture that hat with light beigh or tan suite and salmon colored tie and two tone wingtip shoes, salmon and white, at the ractrack sitting in the VIP box. No one would dare question your manhood but all other men would just avert their eyes in shame, unable to confront such secure masculinty. Crowds would part for you, bellhops would feel unworthy of your tip, women would sigh as you passed, the maitradi automatically guides you, with much fanfare, to the finest table in the house while the chef and the owner personally check with you as to your level of satisfaction with the whole dining experience and begging you to return as you leave.

    That is some hat.

    You can find me on a stool in my Resistol at the "Taco Shack" shoving an overstuffed burrito into my mouth with hot sauce dribbling down my chin, unworthy of such a hat. But if I had it.........................
  20. lol lol lol

    I'm really starting to like the idea of a white suit - a la mark Twain - coordinate the shirt with the hat and socks to match the shirt, high contrast tie and spectators. All pastels for everything but the suit ... must see if any shoe company can provide me with leather for the spectators to match the hat ...


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