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Discussion in 'Hats' started by Baron Kurtz, Dec 10, 2006.

  1. Benny Holiday

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    Sydney Australia
    I'll have to scope out the auction site, then

    Well, it is pretty hot down here come summer time (like, now!) Baron, so the old acid sweat might be the answer to the scarcity of vintage hats in Australia.

    Pairing the Portis' colour with your shirt sounds great. I like the idea of the white suit with it, a medium or even dark brown suit, perhaps even a dark green suit (a' la the character of Mouse in Devil in a Blue Dress, who wears a salmon shirt with green suit pants and the combo looks awesome).
  2. jmacak

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    seattle, wa
    Nice hat


    I like that hat--it's a color not often found.

    So, is Portis a brand to look out for? I have two, probably from the 50's I'd guess, but I didn't think much of them, hearing very little about them on the forums.


    joe in seattle
  3. J.B.

    J.B. Practically Family

    When it comes to vintage brands hat "shopping" -- I pretty much go by jamespowers top ten brands posted opinion as to the good 'uns... :)

    Just click this to see The List. (Yup. Portis is on there!)
  4. reetpleat

    reetpleat Call Me a Cab

    It isn't hot pink

    It isn't like it is a hot pink I have seen deadstock sixties stingy brims that are. THis peach pink color would go great with the right tan, the right greay or the right blue. It is indeed trial and error. some tans might look grey alongside it, others will just go with it.

    As far as placxing an ad, try the little nickle or such. Or community centers or telephone poles. My friend Mike in Santa Cruz used to put up flyers and got good response.

    Even if you just get 60s and 70s stuff, they can be traded at your local shop.

    I hear all these guys talking about their thrift luck, but here in Seattle it is pretty rare. I just pick up wahtever I an find that is sellable and use it to buy from the shops.

  5. :D You remember what I wrote better than I do. I stand behind that still. A Portis hat is going to be a nice hat nine times out of ten and more than likely ten out of ten. ;)



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