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The Great Baron Hats Experiment


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Maybe Baron is gone

I just checked into Baron's website....the only thing that still seems to be up is their homepage. All the other pages come up "no url".....some folks will probably lose some $$ here


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Baron Hat Services

I have a lid and would like to have the brim trimmed and bound, I know Optimo, VS and few others are very popular. Has anyone used Baron's hat services for cleaning, re blocking and bounding?


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Just the tone and tenor of the web site scared me off. The whole thing is over the top. If you have an order in, I recommend you do a chargeback and then send them the address of your local district court as a sign of good will and cooperation.


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Just the tone and tenor of the web site scared me off. The whole thing is over the top. If you have an order in, I recommend you do a chargeback and then send them the address of your local district court as a sign of good will and cooperation.

I agree. That website is just awful :scared:


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I’m still in shock over these comments! You’re complaining? About what? Dear God! Okay, so let me get this right. You ordered hats from Baron’s, a custom hat company. They were delayed. The hatter kept in contact with you, and explained the reason. He apologized. But wait, that’s not all! He then made you great hats, and then, not only REFUNDED you for the one hat but then MADE YOU THE HAT FOR FREE, something you never asked for, just something he did because he’s got class and cares. So with the refund and the new hat what did that cost them? Over $1000 I'm sure. But that's not enough for you. And then, you asked to have it made with a PLEATED HATBAND, which I’m sure cost them even more money, and they did that as well. Also sent you the refund check via FED EX. And you say “you will never do business with them again”. Oh, and they’re beautiful hats besides. Yeah, this makes great sense! I ask anyone out there to give me any other example of any other hat company, no wait… any company you’ve ever had dealings with that ever did this much for you! Actually if you could, warn those you will be doing business with in the future, and let them read this first to see how you trash Baron’s after they go way, way, way beyond customer service. It’s only fair they know who they are dealing with, and what may happen to them if they should, God forbid, give you such service! This is a custom hat company, not Wal-Mart, and their hats are made by hand by one well experienced Hatter. I have had many hats made from other company’s, and they can take a year, and they not only don’t apologize, don’t refund, don’t make me the hats for free, or augment them with expensive hatbands’, but don’t even answer my e-mails or calls! Oh, and their hats are crap. If you read other posts from me, you will see I have had experience with Baron’s in the past. All good. And recently I needed a hat for a wedding, and totally forgot about it until the last moment. They made me the hat I requested (a silk-satin top hat, special bell crown, larger than normal brim, and the silk-satin in Yellow!)… and not only didn’t charge me a “Rush Charge”, but also upgraded shipping at no extra cost. I got the hat in two weeks! The reason? They said: “we’re happy to do this for one of our Baron family.” So, you claim they were dishonest because of shipping dates on something that has so many elements, like a custom hat? Oh, and if you read their invoice and their website, it says that there could be delays in shipping. I'm sure you read that, but didn't say anything about it here. Let's talk about honesty. I see that someone thinks you should change your name to "Whiner". If I were you, after reading your outrageous comments, may I respectfully suggest that you change your name to “Ungrateful Spoiled Brat”.
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Ummm, wow, where to begin.

While yes, they kept in contact with the customer & explained the "reasons" for the delay, alot of people here would see them more as excuses, espacially since their website states:

Our Classic Reproductions hats are hand-made-to-order, so please allow six to eight weeks for delivery.

Another item that people here have a problem with is their underhanded claims. For example, youhave to read between the lines to understand that they did not make the Dillinger hat worn by Depp in Puclic Enemies, although at first reading it would seem that way.

Bruce Wayne

My Mail is Forwarded Here
Furthermore, their "quality control" seems to be hit & miss, especially when you start to get on them to deliver a hat. And then there is their chargeback policy when you file a complaint with your credit card company.

Taken from their website

IMPORTANT: Customer agrees, accepts and understands that because of the nature of custom orders, we can not accept refunds. In additional any and all unauthorized “Chargeback’s” shall be treated as a violation on the customers contract which they enter into when they “click through” to order their merchandise. Customer agrees, accepts and understands, that if they should instigate an unauthorized Chargeback on any orders, they shall be in violation of said contract, and Baron Hats has the authority to seek any and all remuneration from said customer, including, but not limited to our billed time to address said Chargeback, and any and all staff inter-company or attorney fees to defend said action from the customer.


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Has anyone here ordered from Baron Hats? I found a fairly bad review on of the company here from 2010, but nothing more recent.

I was looking at their "Mountain Man" hat as I have been interested in getting a copy of the hat Robert Redford wore in Jeremiah Johnson for sometime and they are the only place that offers an explicit version of said hat.

I'd be interested in hearing any experiences people have had with them.


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