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Discussion in 'Hats' started by ScottF, Jan 15, 2010.

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    This site says the United Hatters Cap and Millinery Workers Internacional Union label was in use 1934 through 1983.

    The United Hatters of North America label has use up to 1934. I believe there was a union merger at that time.

    Here is the FL thread:

    There is also some data on the ‘bug’ in the top left corner. It is a mark from a union printer. I have to look back, but I seem to recall the bugs parallel with the top of the label are older than those tangent to the circle. According to the FL thread that change from parallel to slanted happened ~around 1946. Give or take, as always.

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    Lots of good information can be found on the Hatters Union labels. My observation from the little photo glimpse of the label in Max’s new hat is that it is the post 1934 variety. Having the hat in hand will tell more.
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    Its been a while since I last posted. My wife and I went to a second hand store and I found this. I know its rough but I plan on taking it to the hat shop and have them fix it up.

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    Schoble Ads 1921-1922 mdp.39015016748025-399-1603801804.jpg mdp.39015016748025-656-1603801969.jpg mdp.39015016748025-972-1603802003.jpg mdp.39015016748033-375-1603800455.jpg mdp.39015016748033-626-1603800535.jpg mdp.39015016748033-938-1603800570.jpg
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