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  1. 1917 tinted postcard.

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  2. Cornelius

    Cornelius Familiar Face

    Great Lakes
    Several generations of a family in Castleconnell, County Limerick, Ireland - 1950s(?).
    Note that leather jacket on the right

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  3. Thank you U.S. Veterans for your service on this Veterans Day.

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  4. Water main break, Springfield, Missouri, 1912. 25-ft. ice "trees". Could happen again today...

  5. Wood Hatters and Cleaners, Fort Worth, Texas.

  6. RBH

    RBH Bartender

    Hands on the King Ranch, Texas, circa mid 1960s.
    photo courtesy Juana Lopez
    Traces of Texas

  7. And the beautiful Ford King Ranch my kids are going to buy me out of their inheritance.


  8. Michael A

    Michael A I'll Lock Up

    From today's Guardian newspaper
    Paul Newman and Lee Marvin wearing cowboy hats on the set of Stuart Rosenberg’s comedy western Pocket Money, in Tucson, Arizona,

    Photograph by Terry O'Neill

    Actor Raquel Welch wearing a cowboy hat on a sandy beach, mid-1960s
    Photograph by Terry O'Neill
    Winston Churchill being carried in a chair to an ambulance after being discharged from hospital, August 1962
    Photograph by Terry O'Neill
    Bowie photographed for a magazine in Los Angeles, 1974
    Photograph by Terry O'Neill

  9. carouselvic

    carouselvic I'll Lock Up

    Pete's Bar, Lower Manhattan, 1949

  10. tropicalbob

    tropicalbob My Mail is Forwarded Here

    miami, fl
    Really curious photo. Any idea where it was taken? The hair styles, sideburns, and clothes all seem to be from fifty years before (or more). Then, as now, the older guys mostly wore long hair with facial foliage and loose clothing and the young guys short hair and, at most, carefully trimmed mustaches, and trim clothing.
  11. No idea. I just stumbled across it somewhere (and now can't remember where that was).
  12. I think #45 might be Cole Younger. Wish the rest of the list was identified.


  13. Kodaks Bared...

  14. If it is him then the 1902 date can't be correct. Cole & Jim weren't paroled from prison until July 1901. One of the original conditions of parole was that they could never leave the state of Minnesota. Jim eventually became so despondent because he could not return to Missouri (& he could not marry, another condition) that he committed suicide in Oct 1902. It wasn't until early 1903 that Cole was granted a full pardon by the governor of Minnesota & allowed to return to Missouri, a free man.
  15. Frank & Annie moved on to the farm when his mother died in ~1911. He used to sell index cards with a rubber ink stamp & a small pebble glued on claiming it was from Jesse's original grave on the farm. Most likely the pebble came right out of the creek that ran thru there. Frank died on the farm in 1915. Annie continued to live there for sometime after their son Robert & his wife Mae moved in with her.
  16. Back row #8 looks like "Windy Jim" Cummins, boyhood friend of Jesse's who rode under Quantrill & later gang member. Jim lived a long life, even wrote a book & died in the Confederate Veterans home, Higginsville, MO. He's buried there.


    I'll look at these others in more detail when I have more time later.
  17. Based on the close set eyes, hair style & mustache could this be a match?


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  18. Bamaboots

    Bamaboots I'll Lock Up

    High part with a little swoop to the front in both pics along with what you mentioned. Looks awfully close to me.
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