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The Real McCoy's J-82 (size 44)


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Hello, everyone. I've had @ton312-esque saga with this one: I bought this after having had seller's remorse for selling another one, same model, same size. I later sold it after barely wearing it. When it came back up for sale, I reached out to the seller and worked out a trade to get it back. Well, here we go again. I love it... and I never wear it. This model is rare as hens' teeth and sold out everywhere I've looked.

Price is $1750 (shipping included in the continental US) via PayPal FF. If you prefer using the "goods and services" option, I'll ask that you cover the fees. I'm happy to split shipping with any overseas buyer.

This jacket has seen some wear (just not from me!), with areas of brown coming through particularly along the main zipper but also on the cuffs. That said, the jacket is in excellent condition. The stitching is flawless (per usual with RM); the lining is in good shape; and the Talon zippers work without a hitch. No odors. The size is 44, but it fits like a 42 to me. For reference, I have a RMC J-22 (my forever jacket) that is also a 44, but fits much more closely on me. FWIW, I'm 6'1.5", have a 42" chest, and weight about 190.

Chest: 22.25 in
Shoulders: 20 in
Sleeve (straight down): 26 in (longer around the curve)
Back Length (collar seam to hem): 24 in
Hem Width: 20.5 in

Here's the description from The Real McCoy's website (https://therealmccoys.com/products/buco-j-82-padded):

This black biker jacket is a reproduction of the Buco J-82 motorcycle jacket from the 1950s and 60s. The tried and tested durable horse hide leather used is vegetable-tanned and pigment finished. Differing from our other Buco models we carry. The J-82 features wool pile padded elbow pads and shoulders which are diamond quilted and continue across the back creating an eye catching padded yoke, making this the perfect jacket for riders adding extra warmth and durability. The J-82 also shares similar detailing to our Buco JH-1 model with its fixed non-detachable belt on the waist. Thanks to our large archive of vintage Buco jackets, we are able to design the J-82 down to its finest detail.

1 - eLFlCGz.jpg
2 - A3NU73U.jpg
3 - 1AaKnFf.jpg
4 - qapUENH.jpg
5 - sJJhDTc.jpg
6 - weUXhrN.jpg
7 - HryHbF8.jpg
8 - V28ELen.jpg
9 - 4E42bi2.jpg
13 - rnuyILd.jpg


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Had I not finally tracked down a j24L, I would have smashed BIN. I'll take a look at the closet to see if I'm willing to give something up, but with a few cold showers, I think I'll have to pass. Really a unique piece and would round out the collection. Maybe I got some trade fodder to make this easier to swallow. I'll let you know.


One of the Regulars
Just wear it and be the coolest guy in the room ;)


Ha! Well, I'm pretty good at faking that with my J-22, so the J-82 feels a bit redundant. That said, until it sells, I'll make an effort to wear it out more.

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