The Resistol Roundup

Discussion in 'Hats' started by ScottF, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. Reshaped 3X Beaver Pecos in the color “canyon.” 6 1/2” open crown and 3 1/2” of brim.

    6F172EF6-E82F-4F17-A1F5-51BAD34A3B47.jpeg 6924B796-D9B5-4698-8DFB-47FD2E07D9D8.jpeg 7AE02843-F5E7-4935-BBCD-3FB468F731BF.jpeg 82DA5C2B-15B3-48BF-868A-63E2729C7035.jpeg 7C05AB6F-145C-4C1A-9114-1A2FDE79C166.jpeg 7891534A-4811-4B1A-A887-829B3BF9153A.jpeg 6B030446-A140-43F3-BCA2-D4F38574C47E.jpeg

    The last photo is accurate for the color.

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  2. My most recent 3X Beaver. 6 1/2” open crown, 4” brim, and six cord ribbon.

    0428B8F3-B440-47C3-9BC5-EA12E109B4BE.jpeg 76E464BE-864A-4B8B-BA58-0518387CAE7F.jpeg 0A76A5E8-74EA-4CBE-995E-1A3D12F7DA66.jpeg 4693FB78-DA5F-4D8F-8BE6-47A31E3E117B.jpeg B2CD2B9E-83D7-4CEB-977B-2C9419EF1339.jpeg 15836C2E-B4AE-4EE3-A2E2-FE20CA2A2822.jpeg 673611BB-4FEE-4698-8044-6E67E5F8BBC6.jpeg 63FC6168-1F1F-4F38-9E91-38469B3C6CEC.jpeg 694968D0-F4FD-48BF-9779-80E29BF3F8CB.jpeg

    I gave this hat some tight creasing that was steamed in with repeated pressure on the first couple inches at the top of the pinches. I have a few very similar hats so I was going for a different shape with this hat. I’m also a big fan of the three or more cord “ribbons” over the ubiquitous two-cord. I also like the single skinny ribbon on westerns, but these six-cord versions are a personal favorite.
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  3. Resistol 3X Beaver. It arrive three days ago and has cleaned up really nice. A full 7” open crown and 3 1/2” brim. The six cord ribbon is what initially attracted me to this hat: it’s a favorite ribbon style.

    AF541D34-2D10-4AA0-B75F-095E84059BCB.jpeg A3A79BFB-1421-4DD2-AA61-ACA461C1B1E8.jpeg 9C73854E-AC7B-4656-80FD-8D8D34626D61.jpeg 92500BFB-E519-4B31-9971-8B422E0841D8.jpeg 2BAD6D24-6226-40B1-9264-0143A04096EF.jpeg 9338EA7D-B49D-4B8D-BFA6-C49618C45A97.jpeg 977ACD93-FD2B-4BF7-9375-194FA8D29ED9.jpeg 94A28104-CBF0-4F2E-BAA5-EC366C7F69DB.jpeg D65C9C4C-0F26-42DC-BDA5-4F598BFA09CF.jpeg 782C4E39-66BF-4CD3-A789-F50F2B133ED4.jpeg
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    Nice find, Brent. Those high-crowned Resistols are my favorite "factory" hat - well made, of the right proportion for big heads, and still common enough that I don't feel too bad "tweaking" them. ;)
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  5. Thanks, Regan. I’m a big fan of them too, and lately I’ve been finding one or two a month. These really tall crowns offer a lot of possibilities for creasing.
  6. jlee562

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    Curiosity got the best of me, because that shop is news to me.

  7. My latest 6-cord Resistol 3X Beaver. It’s also a model “Spur I????.” 6 1/2” open crown and 4” raw edge brim. The best Bart is that it’s in navy blue! The color is richer and more saturated than it appears in my photos.

    BDC8D4B6-0854-4ACA-914A-9747E1747E0F.jpeg 2648056B-A476-467B-8A06-D43B06B885D8.jpeg 39B520B1-5EF1-4F91-AA12-8602DEE53D30.jpeg 0BA4FA37-8D08-4C1F-AF15-FEE6C37F4D3D.jpeg 26105957-D323-470C-A8FA-AB70E88AF027.jpeg 021AA791-0B8E-45D6-9846-80003E8593C7.jpeg FC02ED51-02CB-4440-B8A6-9A7366576B8B.jpeg BD64DF6D-1E63-4D82-BCF7-AA08E070CEE7.jpeg 510F1760-D022-4EC8-AF40-466B8E6F8419.jpeg
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  8. Three inch wide brim and wide brim binding. Too bad it’s not the size I thought based on the measurements provided:

    355983EB-6884-437F-BBA7-FFD1B50AA8AD.jpeg E9E5FC83-AB9D-4A44-919B-5B262C6A1221.jpeg ABC6E318-5C3C-4423-8C15-78063E781AC6.jpeg 53146A71-A9E4-4EE7-BF26-D257791BDE13.jpeg 9FA6DAC8-15B6-4DC2-97F2-260E387743D1.jpeg 3ACEF1F2-33C4-40E0-A026-721FB5442F40.jpeg E23793B3-0CF1-441C-8DB0-870DFC9D6AA5.jpeg CA6C9F78-B2B3-4078-A307-B3BFD127B534.jpeg F2C3975C-7C83-4DEE-8EF2-4A6C06080152.jpeg E414DE4B-0D55-418D-BF31-2233152C124A.jpeg
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  9. And one that fits! Resistol 3X Beaver County Sheriff in 7 3/4. 3 1/2 inch wide brim…a favorite.

    CE689285-2724-43CA-8ECD-DA794C05E2F0.jpeg 3D08D599-D02A-49CA-9283-C8878B60ABC9.jpeg CCE7E648-1EAE-490F-B417-6AF81E8D63D4.jpeg 482A56CD-24B1-4A2F-92ED-FCA8100E4AF0.jpeg D251CCF4-426C-4CC2-9B8D-EDDE9FEF3AA8.jpeg C2F973B8-C821-4106-ABCB-DD1416989746.jpeg 3EAE612B-408C-411E-90C1-6BAA031F4AD7.jpeg B0E51A35-2C26-4F34-833E-19DB321303DC.jpeg 994A65C5-437C-4DFB-91A7-E08A5EEC8EAF.jpeg
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  10. Nice! I feel your pain. I was hoping it would be just a “bit” too small for you.

  11. All part of the hunt: win some and lose some.

    The felt on the County Sheriff is surprising nice. It has a great hand and it molds easily. The sweatband is also great: way more than I was expecting for a 3X.
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  12. Resistol Twenty Kitten finish. 2 3/8” brim with a felted/Cavanagh edge and a 5 5/8” open crown. Immaculate condition.

    9F04B3B4-1F8A-472B-B87D-5694720862C7.jpeg 90EBBEFA-886B-4F09-B53D-B37CAEE374A5.jpeg 288137AC-E893-480D-892D-0EB8E3273FD0.jpeg CC909690-3FA0-4CE9-96F2-FAA4B87DC319.jpeg EB74A5B1-BCFB-45B3-B358-A82272644204.jpeg FE1D77D6-FFBB-40DB-BED7-2BC8142B0633.jpeg 5A2885E8-22CF-442D-9E84-E1312826AF1C.jpeg 51D880C3-9418-462F-ADF7-590B7A8F5B5D.jpeg 2971D1A6-3044-485F-BE11-084D9B10F69A.jpeg 89DD3AA7-7B04-4E43-B7BF-E0618D766D20.jpeg
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  13. steur


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    Resistol 5X Western. I don't think hat was ever worn .. just sat in it's box for the past 75 years. Moment I put hat on my head sweat's seam tore open. Yay. Hat has green, thin rectangular Garland Tx tag.
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  15. Super nice Mike! Other that where you tore it ... (some of us can't have nice things). ;)

  16. That’s a beauty, Mike. We’ve all been there with sweatbands that look pristine but have completely dry rotted and fall apart when worn, conditioned, or sweated in. Heartbreaking.
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  17. Resistol “straw” western. Very breezy and light-wearing.

    CE1E3AD8-0F63-43E3-AE1D-D203D1836800.jpeg 8717DD12-4F42-42C4-9B4F-CA17C1057F1E.jpeg 5CCFE880-50A5-4936-B8F9-4B38884C9ED1.jpeg E0C9B123-BCD5-457F-ACF8-F721BB609916.jpeg F41DAEC5-F977-4C59-84CE-A51ACD18DE39.jpeg D42C0FFC-4D45-45B7-BF72-C9B1979992DA.jpeg 164CAD09-458C-495D-A046-EFE236CC2F70.jpeg 53903F77-F641-491B-B2D6-4089A8307266.jpeg ABAB48B5-CEAE-4D8F-9969-6792A10B976D.jpeg
  18. Resistol Plains with early brown Melorol sweat & red sweat bow, red liner with clear vellum paper protector. Brown tongue shaped size tag. Silver Belly with skinny ribbon. RE dimensional brim measures 3" sides, 2-3/4" front & back x 6" open crown. Made from "fine select fur" it was priced below the XDoubleX. Probably 1950's. By the mid-1960's the Plains was being made from "Triple X" fur felt & the Melorol sweat was being phased out.









  19. TheGuitarFairy

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    That's sweet! ^^^ and reminded me:
    Here's that 5X I posted above but w/ new bash and Navajo, Johnny Pablo made, band,
    on board.
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