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Discussion in 'Hats' started by rclark, Feb 24, 2014.

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    What colors of Premiers do you already have, Brent?

  2. I agree with Brent. I love mine (for the most part) and have 4 or five. I DO have one early one (a mink) made in 2014 that is a little too thick, a problem with many of the early open crown introductions (including the early Stetsonians), and it is indeed a bit of a problem to crease AND the brim is so thick (and soft) it really does not want to snap down properly or quite hold its flange well when worn. BUT the other later production (early Fall 2015 and later) Strats and Stetsonians I have ARE simply awesome....One nice thing about the new Stetsons is they do date them behind the sweat...... so you know what you are dealing with.
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    Well, yes, Hatco has quality control issues. Personally, I would buy from someone like JJ (20% off for Mother's day) or DelMonico, or One Two Mini Ranch (who is a lounger)...Who know what to look for in terms of factory flaws.

    But, provided you get a good one, my pick of the two would be the Stetson. The finish of the felt is routinely finer and smoother on Stetsons than on Akubras.

    The flip side of this is that if you want a rugged hat for inclement weather, pick the Campdraft. It's also a bit bigger all around than the Strat, which may weigh positively or negatively depending on the individual. Be aware of Akubra's sizing issues due to their use of cheap leather sweats.

    Though it's possible to hand crease either hat, the Strat should be a bit easier to work with.
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    Finally picked up a Premier Strat in mink. Not perfect workmanship but probably only loungers would look that close. A good brushing took care of some of the fuzzy stuff. Nicer than I expected and it is larger than my regular strats. The crown dimensions are pretty much an open road. 5 1/2" open crown with 2 1/2" bound brim. Also pictured with a recently acquired Borsalino with a 2 3/4" brim and playboy style ribbon. The Strat is closer then I would have ever guessed to the vintage Borsalino in terms of the felt feel and how moldable it is. Not equal but a nice hat.
    StratMink1.jpg 20191018_160112_HDR-01.jpeg

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