Turkey Had a Federal Hat Law

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    Not only was Mustafa Kemal Ataturk ( The Father of the Republic of Turkey), one of the Greatest Generals, Presidents, and Statesman of the 20th Century. He also was maybe the greatest political hero of the fedora and panama hats .

    Mustafa Kemal first made the hatcompulsory to the civil servants. ... On the 25 November 1925 the parliament passed the Hat Law which introduced the use of Western style hats instead of the fez. Legislation did not explicitly prohibit veils or headscarves and focused instead on banning fezzes and turbans for men.

    Problem was what the hats represented...The fez was a sign that the wearer was loyal to the Sultan and the fedora wearer was loyal to the Democratic Republic. Even during the Civil War, people could ask someone, "Do you wear a fez or fedora?" To see which side they were on.

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    Similarly I've been told that in the Turkish military's officer corps there was an afterhours cocktail culture - having a drink proved you were a secularist (alcohol, of course, being frowned upon by Islam) and in support of Ataturk's modernization campaign.

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