U S Authentic A-2 Horsehide Seal brown

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by hatsandcanes, Nov 23, 2020.

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    I picked up one of these for under a $100 and it appears to never been worn. I was wondering if these are veg tanned? I would like it to distress and age unlike goat. I have a 30 year old goat in the same color and it looks pretty much the same after all those years.
    Any thoughts or people with this US Authentic HH jackets would be greatly appreciated,
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    I have owned a US AUTHENTIC HH for going on 20 years. Though not dead-nuts "authentic," it's still one of my favorite A-2s for daily wear. They are built heavier (both leather and knits) than all the high-end A-2s but I like that! Not sure what they use for hides, but it's not as stiff as some of the other higher end one's that I have. For the money (Just my HO here) I think they are the best bang for the buck and built like tanks. Don't be afraid to beat it....it can take it. Great snag for $100!
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    I would almost guarantee that U.S. Authentic uses chrome tanned horsehide. I think Shaul is much more focused on economy and utility than he is on grain and patina. Having said that, if you wear that jacket and wear it hard it should break in and show character more quickly than a goatskin A2.
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  4. Doctor Strange

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    I had a US A seal horsehide A-2 for over a decade. I bought it in person from Shaul in 2002. He assured me that with wear the surface coat would wear off and a lovely patina would develop. It never happened, despite plenty of wear in rain and snow.

    Some panels developed nice grain, some didn't, but the seal color never faded, even at heavy wear points like the epaulets and windflap. I'm not saying it's a general thing about their leather, just that it was my personal experience with US A's vintage-2002 horsehide.
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    good to hear from you happy thanksgiving
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