Vanson Alpinestars Dainese jacket collection XL sizes

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Marc Naktin, Nov 24, 2021.

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    Hey bigger guys! Time to thin my closest. Years of collecting. All jackets are xl or xxl depending on manufacturer. They all fit me with some having more room than others for more casual use. I’m 6 feet 215 with 36 waist 46 chest. I buy some purposely bigger for casual wear. Dainese always runs smaller than Alpinestars. I don’t use the armor and have misplaced them, however I do have one set of Alpinestars removable armor that I can include with one of the jackets first come first served.
    All coats are in excellent condition and from non smoking household. Shipping per jacket is $18 (us post prices are up).
    622C596D-2539-4E1E-BC9C-EC93D8118EF7.jpeg 0B523A87-CDAB-4B0D-9BBE-323C634DAD46.jpeg B5A95C50-FFFA-4C2E-9643-A37E4D8B7DA6.jpeg 2A6686DF-0961-4267-89AC-B391F5067B54.jpeg 88A1C8D9-6159-40FF-86CB-F2DF98D54194.jpeg 7F02B6CE-8076-461A-8E99-05A5FA8C57B4.jpeg AFA47FFE-5536-428C-89E4-031DD6186116.jpeg 26FBF8F5-386C-4E04-87CD-541CDA602067.jpeg 3A0B67B8-B941-49EF-A200-544E25A2B340.jpeg
    Dainese 60 perf jacket big for casual wear. $250
    Alpinestars 56 red black jacket $100
    Alpinestars 56 blue jacket with “63” patch $175
    Vanson 46 US 56 euro perf $250 (was $675!)

    PM me

    No holds. PayPal friends and family or Venmo
    Payment ASAP
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  2. photo2u

    photo2u Practically Family

    claremont california
    Love it! You must be a Harley lover! You have many of my wishlist list. Only if they were smaller...
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    I feel like @JMax would dig this thread....
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