Vanson Highwayman talon zips competition weight

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Darylh, Feb 9, 2019.

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    B05FCCBC-5550-4842-82C7-989A676F4C82.jpeg F7A238A6-FADB-408D-8D44-9FF013C4FC9A.jpeg A781A3E6-444C-46DF-BDA7-F1D02D3F325A.jpeg Selling my early vanson Highwayman, in very good condition. This jacket is built like a tank.
    Full size leather lined gun pocket
    Bi swing back
    Removable belt
    Quilted lining in body and sleeves
    Talon zips
    Pit to pit 22.5”
    Arms on outside 25”
    Hem 20”
    Back length 26” excluding collar
    Model is 6ft with a 43” chest and 34” jeans size. Happy to answer any questions. Looking for $455 shipped from uk. More pics available via email on request.

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  2. Darylh

    Darylh Familiar Face

    Just for clarity, it’s a model E and the tag size is 42
  3. Darylh

    Darylh Familiar Face

    Sold to a guy from Scotland
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  4. b1lf

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    Long Beach, CA
    Damn, this is one nice jacket.

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