Vintage 1920's Longley Scratch Finish Fedora Hat Size 7 (56cm) (REFURBISHED)

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    Vintage 1920's Longley Scratch Finish Fedora

    Refurbished by Bob Jessee of Black Sheep Hat Works. This included blocking, vintage ribbon, sweatband and kimono silk liner.

    Felt does have some mothing (see photos) and though we were able to find a genuine 20's ribbon replacement it ended up being shorter than the original ribbon and you can see that sun faded line on the crown above the ribbon.

    Size 7 (56cm)

    2 1/2" Brim

    5 1/4" Crown

    1 7/8" Ribbon

    $100 Shipped via USPS Priority Mail to the lower 48

    8744DBD9-E115-41A6-A752-85C5CEB6CEDA.jpeg DDEFB994-8B00-4ABB-AA38-75FF8E475F47.jpeg 9DD43281-667B-4174-9E20-21DB458C33A0.jpeg 653CD84C-EBDB-4619-B430-A1BD09CDA18E.jpeg

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