Vintage Radio Detectives

Discussion in 'Radio' started by jake_fink, Dec 3, 2005.

  1. btw. BBC7 is currently running a five part documentary (1 per week on thursdays) about the development of the hard boiled private eye, focussing on Sam Spade [edit: Spade this week, Philip Marlowe next week].

  2. I certainly did not realise that the cast of the Maltese Falcon movie reprised their roles in front of a live radio audience ...

  3. Katt in Hat

    Katt in Hat A-List Customer

    The Gold Coast of Florida
    Bob & Ray - Elliot & Goulding

    Would run, "Mr. TraceKeener than Most Persons; from time to time.
    They were so good, first
    on radio and then TV.
    Audry Meadows was a regular
    on the TV show.
    Before The Honeymooners, I think.

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