Vintage-Style Wedding?

Discussion in 'The Observation Bar' started by Viola, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. Viola

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    NSW, AUS
    Hi everyone. I've been gone a while but I remember you all fondly. You all have so much knowledge and style I'm quite eager to pick your brains again! (didja miss the annoying questions? Didja? How 'bout now? lol )

    My guy and I are getting married in about a year and a half. Maybe less *if* we can work out visa issues (I'm moving from the US to Australia).

    We've been talking about marriage for a while, but now its "official." I'm wearing his grandmother's engagement band. I love it to pieces...I promise to stop staring at my own hand soon... :)

    He asked for my parents' blessing, and they were VERY pleased by that tender, old-fashioned gesture. We're generally kind of old-fashioned people - shocking, I know. And the engagement ring is vintage. And I was wondering what vintage elements you all would suggest incorporating into the wedding planning?

    I would like to wear a dress, not a '40s wedding suit. I was thinking maybe something relatively streamlined, a mermaid skirt? A halter? What about the maid of honor? (My sister, who is thrilled)

    What flavor cakes were most popular? Styles of flowers? My sister suggested peacock feather centerpieces for a Deco-infused look... I don't know what colors of things were most popular. So much of my "I love that!" mental imagery is in black-and-white! :eusa_doh: :)

    I'm also hoping that vintage blends well with saving some money. There's a real possibility we'll end up with TWO receptions, one on each continent, because of travel costs for family and friends, so I'm hoping that in the end it looks very personal and warm and loving - and not trying to impress everyone with my Enormous Grandiose Bank Account.

    What traditions or elements would add a vintage feel?

    I'm not sure if this is the right board - please, moderators, move it if this is all wrong and accept my apologies.

  2. LizzieMaine

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    There's a great website of vintage wedding photos at that ought to get you started with some dress ideas -- they span a wide range of eras, and the scans are good and detailed.

    As for traditions -- well, to "shoes-and-rice" was a Golden Era slang term for "get married," so you'll obviously need lots of rice to throw and lots of old shoes to tie to the bumper of the wedding car. And of course, the something old/something new/something borrowed/something blue rhyme will need to be followed in assembling the bridal outfit. (If you really want to go all out, find an old British -- or better, Australian -- sixpence coin to wear in your shoe.)

    And congratulations!
  3. Miss 1929

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    There is a book, "Your Vintage Wedding" by Nancy Eaton - it is out of print but you may find it online.
    I'm on page 72 (a shot from a fashion show) and also page 82, the real thing... I hope they spell my name right in the next printing! Gr.
    The photos were both by:
    She got me interested in Art Deco in the first place, and is a longtime friend.

    Otherwise, here's a few ideas -

    Live music, preferably authentic
    Food from old recipes
    Old fashioned cocktails!
    A vintage bride and groom statue for the top of your cake
    Suggest a vintage store, or formal wear for gents to rent, if an evening event - and request the dress code. It is one of the few times in life that you can demand people dress up!
    No plastic in the favors, tablecloths, cutlery, beverage containers - use the real thing. Paper doilies!
    Jordan almonds are a typical 30s wedding thing... for a friend's wedding, we made little baskets by taking a mini paper cupcake cup, adding a handle from half a pipe cleaner, a little fake flower on wire, and filling with the Jordan almonds. So vintage looking!
    For a location, ask around to local fraternal organizations like the Masons, the Elks, etc, about their halls, They often put on events, and if you find a vintage lodge, odds are they haven't changed anything since the 40s - 50s anyway. Vintage preservation in action!
    A vintage limousine or other car can be rented for your drives to and fro the wedding, and away to the Honeymoon Hotel.

    And MAZEL TOV!

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