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Vintage Things That Will NOT Disappear In Your Lifetime


I'll Lock Up
Chicago, IL US
You know you shouldn't look, but I couldn't help noticing that the ladies skin, just under her bust, was much paler than the rest of her well tanned appearance. Being a psoriasis sufferer myself, I wondered if she suffered from eczema, the two are closely related. Sunshine is a great therapy for psoriasis and eczema.

I mentioned that when the lady asked where my hat was, adding that I had noticed she had an area of pale skin, and did she find the sunshine a help. This caused much laughter. She informed me that topless sun bathing with old boobies is not a good idea. My mouthful of red wine went everywhere.

There's a postscript to this tale, I found a suitable greeting card and sent it to her. I know that she kept it.
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Her face, like heaven, entice thee to view
Her countless glory, which desert must gain;
...because thin eye
Presumes to reach...
Yon princes, like thyself,
Drawn by report, adventurous by desire,
Tell thee with speechless tongues and semblance pale,
That without covering, save yon fields of stars....

Pericles I; I ;)
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One Too Many
The Barbary Coast
Using the word, dear, can come across as patronising, but as the lady started saying, "my dear, you look impeccable." dear has become our greeting.

In my experience the difference between "patronizing" and "endearment" is simply a matter of tone-of-voice. ;)

It's all perception.

At a local grocery store, there's a clerk who likes to link her arm around my arm. She also calls me "hun".

I don't know what that means. Could it be, that she thinks that with my beard, I remind her of Attila The Hun?

My ex said that the grocery clerk is rubbing her boobs on my arm, and that my hand is right next to her crotch.

I am monumentally naive when it comes to interactions with females.

Vintage Things That Will NOT Disappear In Your Lifetime...or ever go bad:​