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    Poconos PA
    I acquired this in a lot of three jackets appx 10 years ago a Buco J-22, a Langlitz Columbia, and the ORIGINAL Trojan and have been collecting for a little more than 20 years
    leather is incredibly thick!
    It's rare! How rare $? Buco rare? leathertogs stifel denim rare?
    I haven't found much of any information. I did see from lostworlds / over the years too.

    Can I ask for some input? thoughts of it's value?
    daddy needs a new boiler...
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  2. jacketjunkie

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    I don't know about rarity of the particular style, maybe @tmitchell59 who collects for much longer than most of us can comment on that, but generally talking, a lot depends on size and condition. Larger sizes usually fetch more money as more people can fit into them and as for condition.. collar and shoulders and upper sleeves are usual weak points of old jackets where the leather starts flaking and getting thin.

    Your particular jackets collar looks pretty much a goner from what I can tell from these pictures so that is going to affect value.
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  3. ton312

    ton312 I'll Lock Up

    Really difficult to say what it's worth. The brand alone will fetch plenty of attention. Is there someone out there willing to pay your price? Or multiple individuals willing to compete for it? Probably....but you'll need to detail the condition, the measurements and flaws/wear, etc.
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  4. TurnItUp!Vintage

    TurnItUp!Vintage New in Town

    Poconos PA
    thank you for the input
  5. dannyk

    dannyk Practically Family

    Totally agree with @ton312 Its really hard to price these things, because its really about what anyone is willing to pay. The name will attract people. Then theres obvious things like condition. But even then condition can be irrelevant based on demand. Theres Bucos mostly, but youll even seen some Cals, Langlitz or really old Perfecto/Becks falling apart going for 2,000 grand because of demand. Prices over the last 6-7 years have just been going up like crazy. The Japanese market is really crazy for original American work and motorcycle gear. The economy there isnt doing quite as well as of recent but hasnt seemed to stop the demand and prices. If put up on the right site and marketed properly I wouldnt be worried about making bank on it. But what that price is, is anyones guess.
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    I learned of the Trojan brand from the Lost Worlds site. I believe they are the only maker doing a Trojan reproduction. I have no idea why they are the only maker doing this. Perhaps they are too difficult to find. I may have seen a Trojan MC jacket, just don't recall for sure. I know they do not show up.

    I don't specifically collect motorcycle jackets. Determining a price on a vintage jacket that has no precedent is difficult. Condition/size are issues as mentioned above. Serious buyers will want many detailed pictures.

    If you want to sell it put it on ebay. Put it in the classified here and put a big price on it, see what happens.

    I bought this one because of the Tag. It is for the ladies in goatskin. I have no idea how many styles Trojan made. I thought this ladies jackets was sorta odd for a fairly unknown Brand.

    DSC05800.jpg DSC05801.jpg DSC05821.jpg
  7. JMax

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    What an awesome lot of jackets. Would you post pics of the Buco and LL?

    The Trojan certainly is rare. it is a jacket I would love to see in-person.

    No idea as to price but you never know what someone is willing to pay until you put it out there and patiently wait. If the condition is right, I bet its in the ballpark of some of the less common or more pristine Bucos. Which LL Columbia? Some of the early ones fetch quite a bit too.

    Schott also used to build a Trojan repro. I love my LW Trojan. Great jacket and pattern, especially for riding. My Trojan sits right at the waist, no matter if I am sitting, standing or reaching for something. Amazing really.
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  8. dannyk

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    ^One of my favorite jackets ever. Not usually a fan of big grain or green, but Stu killed it with that Green Moose Trojan. Looks like its available again but in Deerskin now.
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  9. Carlos840

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  10. John D Maccarter

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    Wilmington n.c.
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