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Discussion in 'Radio' started by flat-top, Oct 28, 2006.

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    Palookaville, NY
    ...on satelite radio!
    The Original Mercury Theater Production of War of the Worlds
    Mon 10/30 8:00 pm ET
    8 pm ET, October 30, 1938. A nation tuning in to CBS Radio heard a startling broadcast: Earth was being invaded by beings from Mars...

    Orson Welles' Mercury Theatre radio adaptation of H. G. Wells' The War of the Worlds originally aired as a Halloween special. Welles' genius was to set the story, not in late-19th century England, as in the original, but in 1938 New Jersey, and perform it like a news broadcast. Reportedly, many listeners believed the invasion was real.

    8 pm ET, October 30th, 2006. RadioClassics will re-broadcast of the original Mercury Theater production of The War of the Worlds. Listen as a nation did nearly 70 years ago.
  2. CharlieH.

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    It used to be Detroit....
    I listen to that one every year, and it always gives me the creeps... especially when the lights are low and I have a few vintage publications nearby.
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    Chicago, IL US

    War of The Worlds,like enfant terribleWelles,
    a classic-that seems more bark than bite.
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    And yet another point on the side of satellite radio. I have yet to invest in it, but keep hearing all of these great broadcasts that I'm missing.
    This sure sounds like a great one. Please let us know how it is....
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    as Dr. B. Banzai can tell you...

    It wasn't martians that landed in Grover's Mill. It was evil, pure and simple, from the Eighth Dimension.;)

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    I bought this program on cd a couple of years ago. It is fun to listen to.
  8. BegintheBeguine

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    Thank you LizzieMaine. That was a good article, and links. Now i am going to listen to the Mercury Theatre Dracula, after having watched the Mongoose Murder Mystery video. Chores? They can wait. :D
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    Yes, LizzieMaine, that was an insightful article... cool you were tapped for info, too!

    "War of the Worlds" is also offered for free at http://www.mercurytheatre.info, along with every other broadcast they did. But maybe some of you already knew this!

    It also includes a great interview/roundtable between Wells and Welles from 1940. XM played this after their Worlds broadcast, and I got a really kick out of these two guys discussing their work.

    They also played an interview with the last surviving cast member (forgotten his name), and I wonder if that is also somewhere out on the 'net.

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