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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Roy Hobbs, Oct 13, 2021.

  1. Bfd70

    Bfd70 Call Me a Cab

    I can’t understand how anyone with under a few hundred posts or some previous successful classified transactions has the stones to request ppff!
  2. Ole K. Vik

    Ole K. Vik One of the Regulars

    The funny part is that when I got scammed I was the one who suggested ppff. I was just so fu.... happy to finally get my hands on that jacket. Didn't do any checking of references, pictures or anything else that is obligatory when buying. Payed on your cellphone while driving a car on narrow country roads. For me it was pure excitement that made me lose my head completely.
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  3. Roy Hobbs

    Roy Hobbs New in Town

    Even though I don’t have a lot of posts I was able to do ppff but only after FaceTiming with the person, displaying the jacket by video and I even gave my address for them to verify my identity.
    As Ole wrote, very nonchalant, tried to get me off this forum and when I reported and stopped responding contacted me again to ask how I liked the jacket. Next time if I have any concerns I’m gonna post to this group to confirm identity before proceeding.
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  4. tweedydon

    tweedydon Call Me a Cab

    That's awful--I'm so sorry.
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  5. Tom71

    Tom71 One Too Many

    Sorry to hear that!

    Remember: You’re NOT the one at fault here! I really like this forum for its comradeship and mutual respect. I hate the thought of continuously mistrusting everybody.
    That’s why experiences like yours are so valuable as an additional warning sign.
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  6. Ole K. Vik

    Ole K. Vik One of the Regulars

    Thanks, man. I can handle it both financially and emotionally, so no worries.;) I am of course not the one to blame, and I am not the criminal here, but I am for sure the one looking stupid :D I am an educated person so I am actually more shocked how badly I could lose my head here:confused: I have had so many good interactions and trades here on this forum and elsewhere, and will not lose faith just because of one bad experience. I will, however, do my background checks in the future.

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