Werber Sportswear B1 Flying Trousers WW2

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    Werber Sportswear B1 Flying Trousers/Pants in size Medium. Leather is still supple and strong, small repair done by the left knee area. All zips are Talon, they still move and are still intact.
    The braces are in excellent shape and still very strong. The right inside brace has the word "Smitty" written on it and what appears to be a serial number.
    AM markings on one of the zipper pulls. In modern sizing, this would fit up to a size 34 waist, 32 inseam with a pair of long-johns underneath. Fleece still clean and strong. They measure 50CM (19,7") across the waist and 107CM (42,1") from top of waistband to bottom of the legs.
    I'll ship these at cost, I'd like 300 USD (PP F&F) for them plus 45 USD to cover shipping. If that turns out to be too high an estimate, I'll refund the difference. Within the EU the shipping charges are 30 USD. Thanks for looking. IMG_7213.JPG IMG_7214.JPG IMG_7215.JPG IMG_7216.JPG IMG_7217.JPG IMG_7218.JPG IMG_7219.JPG IMG_7220.JPG IMG_7221.JPG IMG_7222.JPG

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