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What Aero jacket is this?

Marc mndt

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I'd think that it's the basic pattern of the body and sleeves that defines the style. Modifications such as different style sleeve cuffs, or different style collar, or pocket configurations, are customizations. Borrowing a style element from one model and putting it on another base model doesn't change what the base model essentially is.
So it's really just the 30s and the 50s base model right?

Edit: plus the Levi's patterns of course.


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Absolutely, Aero itself has several jackets in same cut with different modifications and therefore different names…

Right customizations for a single customer don't merit a new model name. But a bundle of popular modifications that is produced regularly would.


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Apart from ebay sellers in India ripping off Aero photos and selling their jackets with the images, I don't know of any confirmed actual jackets that have been counterfeited to be fake Aeros.

There are plenty of knockoff jackets out there, though, such as the chinese-market jackets you can find on aliexpress and taobao. Most are not direct copies of Aero's styles, and none of them can replicate the materials or the craftsmanship, although some are reasonable quality for the price. As well as legit (or semi-legit) brands like Alexander Leathers, Simmons Bilt, and Sam Walker that are more or less comparable quality-wise. Some of those, if you removed the tag, it'd be hard to tell it wasn't an Aero.
That’s what I thought. Actually When I received this jacket, even I don’t know what model is this, I can feel the thickness and smell of the leather. And I thought it worth the price I paid, aero or not.
Not even sure why but I find these names TB gives to Aero and Thedi jackets so cringe. Especially Thedi ones. Atlas and Markos. Wow.