What kind of paint do I use on leather?

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Chamorro, Feb 26, 2005.

  1. Chamorro

    Chamorro A-List Customer

    Thinking of painting squadron and group numbers, etc., on the back of my 375th B.S. A-2. I was planning to use a stencil. Question, what is the best paint to use? Something that won't run, rub off or flake. Anybody with any experience painting on A-2s advice appreciated.
  2. Mycroft

    Mycroft One Too Many

    Florida, U.S.A. for now
    I recomend Tandy Leather stuff or go to a craft store and ask...like Michael's. This is from what I hear. Remeber to use a stencil for the numbers and letters...if you want.
  3. BellyTank

    BellyTank I'll Lock Up

    Most "jacket artists" use artist's acrylics, that's a fact. But I've used old time enamel paints before but after adding extra pigment and other additives and carefully applied very thinly so as to soak into the leather and not get too high a "build" the thicker it goes on, the easier it comes off. A certain amount of the jacket needs to be cleaned of grease and maybe some of the finish over the area to be painted. Painting an A-2 is quite a commitment indeed. I have mostly experimented on leather but with good results. Acrylics are the easiest to use and the best artists use them but there's nothing like the old time oil/solvent- based paints. Check this out- you'll love it-


    I'll find my friends site tomorrow and post it- can't remember the URL and I'm going out now. More later.
  4. MikeyB17

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    I used acrylic on my Eastman to do a set of wings-it is water-based so you don't need thinners of any kind, and mine has shown no sign of cracking or peeling since I did it several years ago. Of course, some people want that effect. A guy on the jacket forums (remember Digger 'Tank/Paddy?) used to swear by Floquil, which I believe is a modelling enamel available in the US.
  5. BellyTank

    BellyTank I'll Lock Up

    I think modelling "enamels", like Floquil or Testors or Humbrol and Airfix go off too fast and don't really have any flow qualities for the bigger work.
    I guess acrylics are de riguer but I've got my enamel techniques to defend and when I actually get 'round to fully painting a jacket, I'll show you what I mean about how my "paint" looks.
    At this point Mikey, I'll put a link to Jeromes page-


    This guy's real good and he's American!

  6. SIGGY

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    Jacket paint

    I have done a few jacket fronts and backs,I have always used Rustoleum Oil based enamels, they are very easy to put on,and flow smoothly,they seem to hold up nicely as the people that I did the jackets for never complained of any problems. I also use this paint to make leather patches and I get the same good results for them.
  7. teddyboy53

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    york england

    Enamel paints myself, matt not gloss, i find after a while when they do start to crack eith the leather it gives a nice vintage look to it, this is my bike jacket, as well as a Teddyboy, I'm also a Rocker, now theirs a fascinating sub culture for you


    Rockin Regards

  8. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim One Too Many

    Fort Collins, CO

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