what to do to keep the arch of my dress shoes when my feet don't have high arc to properly fill it

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by navetsea, Sep 15, 2017.

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    East Java
    so, I MTO-ed my first dress shoes, since next november my brother would have his wedding...
    I kind of liking wholecut's simplicity, it looks sleek....WHEN NEW.

    the thing is I'm a flat footed, so I'm afraid it would distort the shape of the shoe in no time since it has no seams or panels to support its shape, what should I do? should I add inlay pad, or is there something to stuff under the shoe tongue to keep it's shape while being worn?
    I don't mind natural creases on the metatarsal area of the foot its natural and inevitable, but
    I'm sure I would hate any creases around the laces holes, since I have no foot arch to properly fill it.
  2. devilish

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    Superfeet have an arch support specifically designed for dress shoes. It is not full length so doesn't alter the size like a full insole does. Comes with little stick on velcro pads to keep them in place but I've never had a problem with them moving even without these.
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  3. Seb Lucas

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    Orthotics. It's a whole science. They make insoles for shoes for flat footed people or people with other foot issues. You can probably get some basic insoles pre-made too from pharmacies.
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  4. Willybob

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