What's for Dinner?

Discussion in 'The Connoisseur' started by Rosie, May 31, 2006.

  1. Gregg Axley

    Gregg Axley I'll Lock Up

    Wife worked late last night, so I got Fajitas from a place down the street.
    Not a gas station mind you, but just as good. :D
    It will be cheaper to do these myself, so off to the meat market I go today to buy lots of steak.
  2. As long as it isn't the gas station. :p
  3. Gregg Axley

    Gregg Axley I'll Lock Up

    No it's a real meat market, that's been family owned since 1952.
    8lb 80/20 ground beef, 8lbs pork chops (3/4 thick), 6lb beef brisket, and 6lb turkey sausage.
    This will last 4-5 weeks.
    As for steaks and chicken, we get those at Costco.
    I can find prime sirloin cheaper at Costco than I can the meat market, at least by $2 dollars a pound.
  4. Tonight...Hotwings..Boston lager..and UFC..!!
  5. Cricket

    Cricket Practically Family

    I suggest that others try this next time on their burger. We topped our with sauted onions with bacon and blue cheese. All the flavors made for a fantastic supper this evening.
  6. Cajun chicken and shrimp pasta at TGI Friday's.
  7. But of course. :p
  8. Touchofevil


    Northern California
    I only had the side order of UFC. Didn't really care for the announcers and their obvious blindness/biasness, but the fights were entertaining.
  9. Stray Cat

    Stray Cat My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Yesterday's dinner:


    ..and ice cream.
    My aunt believes it's.. nutritious, energizing.. and overall: good for us. :doh:
    But.. who am I to contradict her? [huh]
  10. Gregg Axley

    Gregg Axley I'll Lock Up

    I wouldn't argue with her. :)

    Burgers last night, with curly fries.
  11. Last night was the big birthday BBQ so we had linguisa, tri tip, all kind of Chinese food, chili, real Coca Cola(made in Mexico), Duvel Belgian beer, and a host of other things I can't remember now. :p
  12. Stearmen

    Stearmen I'll Lock Up

    Finally got my internet and phone service back after a solid week of down time. It was after six by the time I could eat, so a TV Dinner that I did not check the expiration date on, a lot of salt and pepper, some really good french bread I had on hand, and some ICB Rootbeer, which I think I deserved. If I ever have to talk to a phone company person again in my life time, it will be to soon!
  13. Fried chicken..potato salad..slaw..hot bisquits with apple jelly..and iced tea.
  14. Stray Cat

    Stray Cat My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Can my doppelgänger (the one that hasn't stuffed herself) join you? :D

    I had (let me see, how you'd call it)
    Found it: you call it: CRACKLING SCONES:


    ..now I'm stuffed, and all I'll have are.. apples. :essen:
  15. Apples are never a bad thing by any means. Just think of all the good recipes!
    I'd take a nice warm chewy apple cinnamon muffin right now with a black cupa coffee.
  16. What ? No watermelon too. You must be cutting back. :p
  17. Send some scones here. :p
  18. JP...I really hate to admit this..but..I have never cared for watermelon. [huh]
  19. I would like a cracklin scone,too..!!
  20. What?! "He doesn't like watermelon?!" :p

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